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Wasabi: Japanese Horseradish

An Asian plant of the mustard family.  The pungent, greenish root of this plant, which can be grated and used as a condiment is one of the most important additions to a variety of Japanese cuisines.


I admit that prior to coming to Japan I didn't like wasabi at all - I was traumatized.  I was tricked into drinking a cup of liquidized wasabi by a bunch of ill natured caterers at a dance I was attending with my date.   I must've coughed up everything on my brand new silk tie and had to leave early that night because of it.  I didn't touch wasabi anymore after that.


After moving to Japan I finally started trying wasabi again, little by little.  I still didn't like it much even in Japan.   Then  I took a trip down to Joren no Taki where they grow organic wasabi, not the mass produced and over processed stuff, but real wasabi.


Even tried wasabi ice cream.  After that trip I never purchased processed wasabi ever again.  I buy the real plant root then grind off the desired amount I need for whatever I'm eating.


This wasabi is simply the best and it doesn't burn your nose.  Just a clean and refreshing wasabi.


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