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Autumnal Brews: Suehiro of Fukushima

Suehiro of Fukushima Originally uploaded by McAlpine AlexanderNo. I haven't officially removed my summer sake from the fridge yet, but I'm starting autumn out a bit earlier than usual just to get the word out. I still have one more bottle and a half of some great summer sake left of which I will post about later. This is the first edition for this autumns sake lineup from Fukushima Prefecture. This sake, Suehiro, has an excellent blend of sourness and sweetness which is typical for many autumnal sake for this seasons! What you can expect with these types of sake are fuller and more dynamic flavor profiles, so if you want something that will coat the tongue well, something that embodies the falling yellow and brown leaves in that old country field then definitely you want to attend as many of these sake tasting events as possible. A good thing to remember about autumn sake is this word " Hiya-Oroshi" a sake pasteurized once soon after brewing and is released …

Toyoshige Watanabe

Last weekend was nice. I went to an art gallery near Shonan on Sunday with my special squeeze to view the art work of a Japanese man named Toyoshige Watanabe. On display he had roughly about 30 works of art, all with the theme of "oni," or devil in English. Since the tickets were free from one of my momma-san English members, who too is a burgeoning artist, I jumped at the offer and went.
The Sunday we visited that gallery was on August the 15th, the day I usually visit Yasukuni Shrine. I didn't go this year because of all the pacifist press that was coming from the newspapers and television documentaries. Just so disgusted at how the media portrays the war and the atomic bombs, and these weak apologetic Japanese men; I was lecturing a 72 year old Japanese man on Shumei Okawa the other day at Starbucks. He never heard of him. He told me that he used to receive chocolates from the Yanks back in hi…

Raifuku: らいふく

When I think of summer in Japan this post comes to mind.  I enjoy sake from  all seasons in Japan, so without further ado allow me to introduce another summer sake.  The name as the title says, Raifuku.  The title has no association to anything in particular, but one thing that caught my eye is the yeast that was used.

Many people in North America associate this perennial flower Hydrangea with summer, much like Japanese do in their own country.  Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers as you can see here.  Some people have been known to use this shrub for medicinal purposes, but for sake?   Yes....!

Hydrangeas were used as a flower yeast to brew this sake.   The aromas you catch on this sake are just beautiful.  Summer...When you sniff it you smell summer, actually, you smell the sweet nape of a  40ish year old Japanese woman.  I can almost see the black devil handed swoop of Watanabe Toyoshige's famous "oni" paintings rise up, fingers and hands clutching and shaking from tha…

Nakamura Reiko

Ok.  Folks.  I'm back to my semi-annual porn feature for the soul of Japan, so if you're put off by this kind of topic be forewarned. 

A few weeks ago I downloaded a new app. from the itunes store called RunKeeper.  Since it's summer I decided I wanted to get in shape a little while keeping track of my routes using this app, which has a built in GPS and an upload feature for keeping track of my progress from my PC.    On one sunny summer afternoon on one of my routes I stopped by an old favorite porn shop of mine for a break.    Quickly heading over to my favorite section, Jukujo and Busty mommas section, this DVD caught my eyes immediately, called in Katakana ジョギングーミセス or Jogging Mrs. 

身長: 160cm サイズ: B100(H)cm W60cm H89cm

Ms. Nakamura is a wonderful, spry, and vivacious 30 something momma from Fukuoka Prefecture who's  incredibly hot on and off the set.   Typically Japanese women from West Japan are known for being well built in all the right places, especially in th…

しゅわっち 純米吟醸 活性にごり

The name is Shuwacchi ( shu-wa-chi), and it's a junmai ginjo kasseishu nigori.  What that basically means is that it's a premium unfiltered milky colored sparkling sake with active enzymes.   Again, this is another summer season type sake as you can see from the colorful label on the bottle.   Summers are famous for ginjo type sake, so here's to summer. 

Look at how she stands so tall and beautiful, against the vast expanse of blueness and white clouds; etherized.  Neatly adorned in her robe and warmly cold.

This is  a nama variety which means it needs refrigeration since it's unpasteurized and has enzymes which are active and alive. How that translates in to flavor is quite noticeable; refreshing, fruity, and a bit gassy.  Whenever in Japan and you are faced with that difficult choice about what to drink then always go with a "nama" because most good ones are hard to come by, this is one of them. 

The name of the brewery where this sake is brewed is called…

吟醸 生貯蔵酒 夏子物語花火

We are half way through the first week of August and temps are still hovering up around 30 in southern Yokohama, so it's still baking out here.  Just last weekend and the night before there was another fireworks show in Minato Mirai.   The colorful displays that illuminated the summer night sky was breathtaking as usual.  So what better way to enjoy another summer night in Japan than with another nice summer sake.  What this sake is is a Ginjo-Namachozoushu, you can click on the link which explains a bit about what a namachozoushu is.  The breakdown is as follows:  It uses Yamadanishiki rice as the brewing rice.  It's nihonshu-do is plus 3, and its smv is 55%. Acidity is 1.4. Alcohol is 15%.  The name of the sake is called Natsuko-Mono-Gatari-HanabiFlavor profiles are soft pear, dry, light, and crisp.  The pure taste of summer on your tongue, in other words.    We've got a full month left until summer starts to wind down.  Don't forget to try a nice summer brew while y…

Original Cocktail: Mt. Fuji

I had recommended this original cocktail to Blue Lotus over at awhile ago, but now come to find out, she won't be drinking any kind of cocktail for a long time to come, so here's to you Blue Lotus.This original cocktail called the Mt. Fuji consists of gin, egg white, pineapple juice, and lemon juice.  It's around 1400 yen and then there's a 525 yen cover charge.  The Fuji is a fruity, clean, and refreshing little cocktail.   Didn't pick up on the essence of Mt. Fuji.  the cocktail had more of a tropical feel to it than anything.  I guess the frothy white top and yellow color gives it a happy feel.  I still prefer nihonshu as a drink that embodies every single element in Japan.It's been ages since the last time I  sat in an old Victorian Style bar and had one of these kinds of cocktails.   This bar is located in the Fujiya Hotel in a bar called Victoria.This Hotel which is located in Miyanoshita has been renowned globally as one of …

One Sunday Summer Afternoon

I don't know about you, but some of the nicest aromas during summer in Japan is the ocean breeze, freshly grilled squid and corn.   These three combinations over a nice tall frosty mug full of beer and of course an oyster or two create the perfect environment for summer in this country.     I was back in Enoshima again on route to Hakone.  I needed to take a nice lunch before continuing my journey.  I had said to myself " should I eat at a restaurant or a revolving sushi shop?"  Why the hell would I eat - in?   And on such a beautiful sunday afternoon.  From my table I could see a sea of Japanese people all along the Shonan Coast line.  It was an incredibly beautiful sight.  There was even a Hinomaru at full mast blowing in the breeze right along the lifeguard shack.No matter where you go in Japan you can get delicious fish, so coming to Enoshima just for great eats in not necessary.  I come here for the atmosphere and the seafood.  I just can't get enough of the sme…