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Autumnal Brews: Suehiro of Fukushima

Suehiro of Fukushima Originally uploaded by McAlpine Alexander

No. I haven't officially removed my summer sake from the fridge yet, but I'm starting autumn out a bit earlier than usual just to get the word out. I still have one more bottle and a half of some great summer sake left of which I will post about later. This is the first edition for this autumns sake lineup from Fukushima Prefecture. This sake, Suehiro, has an excellent blend of sourness and sweetness which is typical for many autumnal sake for this seasons! What you can expect with these types of sake are fuller and more dynamic flavor profiles, so if you want something that will coat the tongue well, something that embodies the falling yellow and brown leaves in that old country field then definitely you want to attend as many of these sake tasting events as possible. A good thing to remember about autumn sake is this word " Hiya-Oroshi" a sake pasteurized once soon after brewing and is released in the fall, but without the normal second pasteurization. Hopefully this will be a good start for you for the season. Cheers, URL: www.sake-suehiro.jp


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