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August: The Return of Souls

August is peak summer season in Japan.  We can look forward to some of the most spectacular fireworks displays and festivals in the world, ...

吟醸 生貯蔵酒 夏子物語花火

We are half way through the first week of August and temps are still hovering up around 30 in southern Yokohama, so it's still baking out here. 


Just last weekend and the night before there was another fireworks show in Minato Mirai.   The colorful displays that illuminated the summer night sky was breathtaking as usual.  So what better way to enjoy another summer night in Japan than with another nice summer sake. 


What this sake is is a Ginjo-Namachozoushu, you can click on the link which explains a bit about what a namachozoushu is.  The breakdown is as follows:  It uses Yamadanishiki rice as the brewing rice.  It's nihonshu-do is plus 3, and its smv is 55%. Acidity is 1.4. Alcohol is 15%.  The name of the sake is called Natsuko-Mono-Gatari-Hanabi

Flavor profiles are soft pear, dry, light, and crisp.  The pure taste of summer on your tongue, in other words.    We've got a full month left until summer starts to wind down.  Don't forget to try a nice summer brew while you are in Japan.


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