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Nakamura Reiko

Ok.  Folks.  I'm back to my semi-annual porn feature for the soul of Japan, so if you're put off by this kind of topic be forewarned. 

A few weeks ago I downloaded a new app. from the itunes store called RunKeeper.  Since it's summer I decided I wanted to get in shape a little while keeping track of my routes using this app, which has a built in GPS and an upload feature for keeping track of my progress from my PC.    On one sunny summer afternoon on one of my routes I stopped by an old favorite porn shop of mine for a break.    Quickly heading over to my favorite section, Jukujo and Busty mommas section, this DVD caught my eyes immediately, called in Katakana ジョギングーミセス or Jogging Mrs. 

  • 身長: 160cm
  • サイズ: B100(H)cm W60cm H89cm

  • Ms. Nakamura is a wonderful, spry, and vivacious 30 something momma from Fukuoka Prefecture who's  incredibly hot on and off the set.   Typically Japanese women from West Japan are known for being well built in all the right places, especially in the trunk and chest areas!  I can confirm this.

    The DVD starts out really somber.  The musical composition was nice and everything was well done from storyline to finish.  All was good.  The actors did a wonderful job of not looking fake.  I said to myself " this is good porn."  In the States, good porn used to have very realistic storylines with nice plots and stage settings.  Now all you see are just straight fuck scenes  with no realistic storylines.   It's nice to see the Japanese focusing on all aspects of good porn. 

    Ms. Nakamura plays the part of a housewife who's constantly being told how imperfect she is and how overweight she's gotten by her stinky ungrateful  salary man husband.   She then takes up a new hobby.  Jogging.  She joins a running circle and every morning her and her new mates jog in a park in the wee hours of the morning.  The cameraman does an excellent job of capturing every physical aspect of her body; the bobbing tits, and tight ass.  The quads and hamstrings snapping tensely as she pushes herself to run harder and faster.  Some of the best porn camera action I have seen in a long time.  You can check out a few pics here.  You can also follow her on her blog.

    She's overtaken passionately in a locker room by one of her mates, and later on the other guy joins in and everything gets really good.  All-in-all, very nice and worth the 2800 yen. 

    The main factors for purchasing this DVD are simple; legs, ass, and age.  She has all three and is  gorgeous.  Plus she is an excellent actress who really enjoys her work on the screen.   You know, a few weeks ago my mom was complaining to me about some of the members at the Jukujo club I teach at.  She was telling me about how they were complaining about how big busted she is and how she needed to lose weight because they'd thought it was unhealthy to be heavy.   I was pissed.   I had told them that being old and skinny is not sexy at all.  There's nothing sexy about an old woman with no tits and ass.  I had also explained that once a woman hits her 30's she should start weight training and continue like this for the rest of her life.  Jogging or riding a bicycle are also essential for good bones and lower leg development.  Eating good food in moderation, not dieting are also good points.   Skinny and old is not sexy.  Heavy and busty and muscular is best!

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