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One Sunday Summer Afternoon

I don't know about you, but some of the nicest aromas during summer in Japan is the ocean breeze, freshly grilled squid and corn.   These three combinations over a nice tall frosty mug full of beer and of course an oyster or two create the perfect environment for summer in this country.    


I was back in Enoshima again on route to Hakone.  I needed to take a nice lunch before continuing my journey.  I had said to myself " should I eat at a restaurant or a revolving sushi shop?"  Why the hell would I eat - in?   And on such a beautiful sunday afternoon. 


From my table I could see a sea of Japanese people all along the Shonan Coast line.  It was an incredibly beautiful sight.  There was even a Hinomaru at full mast blowing in the breeze right along the lifeguard shack.


No matter where you go in Japan you can get delicious fish, so coming to Enoshima just for great eats in not necessary.  I come here for the atmosphere and the seafood. 


I just can't get enough of the smells.


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