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Good Blogging Journals For Mac Users

Leaving the world of Bill Gates, expensive software, and a junk load of hardware behind a new era of computing has begun for me. I am cool, I am chic, I am....a Geek.

There's but one thing I miss though, it's the one thing that for me is the most important blogging platform client in the world. It's called Windows Live Writer, and it's a pity Mr. Jobs hasn't jumped on this mega mammoth new era in world communication. It's no secret that Steve Jobs hates us bloggers! He prefers news aggregates for his iPads by making it clear that he's more interested in making how we get our news more profitable for the giant newspapers and himself. Us bloggers have and are changing the way the world gets its news. The blogging community is reshaping the entire world of communication, so I hope that Mr. Jobs will see the demand for this and bring us something better than WLW.

I had to give up WLW when I converted to Mac, and I am having to struggle to learn a whole new platform all over again. When I was using WLW there was no learning curve. You could download the software and within minutes you'd be posting pictures and videos hassle free. Everything was so user friendly. No other blogging platform even comes close to what WLW can do. Blogo, the platform I am using to post this entry, is very smooth and very simple to use. I especially like how you can preview how the entry will look on your own blog's template before you post it.

A few days ago, in a hurry to post backlogged entries, I purchased Macjournal and downloaded Ecto, two of the biggest money and time wasting blog writing platforms in the world of Mac. The biggest turn off for me with MacJournal is how you have to adjust a setting in your tool bar called "inspector." In it you make all of your adjustments and other technical specifications for the post entry. I had to watch the Youtube tutuorial a few times just to see exactly how to use it. The biggest complaints that people have been saying about it is that you cannot post pictures with your entry. This is true. I have wasted so much time reading up on and trying to trouble shoot the problem. No solution. The one thing that could make it useful is the journaling features that allow you to neatly organize your diary and thoughts into Journals, which actually post to any blog platform very easily. Ecto, is just not worth the download at all, not even a review. Still same problems with uploading media to my post.

I downloaded Blogo and within fifteen minutes I was posting pictures and videos. A very smooth and clean interface. Everything is laid out and right there at your fingertips. So far I'm loving it.

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