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Milk Liqueur!

 I love some of the concoctions the Japanese come up with, especially when it comes to seasonal drinks and aperitifs.   This new drink from Akita Prefecture is called "Yogursh" and of all the little sweet concoctions I've tried over the last few months,  this one by far is the best.  It could be because I'm a milk drinker.   Yogursh uses 100% natural milk in this product.  It's made using low temperature pasteurization along with very basic techniques for creating yoghurt by hand. Nothing complex about it at all so I wouldn't classify it as a " sake." If anything this is more like an Amazake, which is a type of super sweet and thick drink that's enjoyed during the winter and spring seasons in Japan.

The biggest difference I notice between Amazake and Yogursh is the silky smoothness and natural texture. No noticeable alcohol on the palate at all. The sweetness is just right. Not the face twitching sweetness you get with most amazake(s). This drink for sure will go over well with the occasional drinker who may not be into drinking that much.


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