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She's a twenty-something former AV series model from Saitama Prefecture with a four star rating.    I learned so much today from her guiding hands. Her physiological make-up is beautiful; smooth tight body, young, well tone legs and tummy. Bright and eager to please attitude.  

After the blowjob we moved to the squirt preparation.   Anyway, Miho instructed and guided me very patiently showing me where she liked it best.   For about 15 minutes nothing came out and then she adjusted her position to a full squat.   Using both my index and middle finger in the shape of a hook I inserted them into her wet vagina and thrusted quickly.   Still nothing happened.   And then, on the third try I found a rhythm that was perfectly in alignment with hers.    I maintained this speed without changing and then I noticed a swelling taking form around her labia and pressure on the tips of my fingers!    A huge and amazing spray shot out of her covering the entire bed spread.    I quickly analyzed t…

Autumn Hot Sake!

This autumn, I would like to also include an Atsukan type sake ( 熱燗) from Fukui Prefecture called Kokuryu. Some of you who have been following my previous ramblings know I come back to this sake quite often. I like Kokuryu for its overall balance and plain old good taste.

The thing I like most about hot sake is the face twisting first sip. If it's fresh out of the pot you get that alcohol right in the nose on the first sniff, and then the smooth finish down the hatch.

In my L.A. days, hot sake was all people used to drink. It's because most sake was either old or poorly brewed stuff - cheap stuff. Plus, hot sake was cheaper than the premium brews, like Kubota. Those were some great memories for me.

I remember the first time I drank a chilled sake was back in the late 90s when I was at a restaurant called Shibucho in downtown L.A., which at that time was the best sushi place in town - still is from what I've heard. The master is a traditionalist at heart, so you can't …

Great Sucks!

Firstly, I apologize for my long windedness in introducing this nihonshu.   I think it's because how most view a particular topic has more to do with it being specific about the topic only, and not other things that may or may not be relevant.    And again, as I have stated in previous posts, I combine all elements into one whole.   This may come off a bit obsessive, but it's my style. Sake is not a single entity unto itself.   It is a rice brew that people drink in order to lubricate the wheels of social interaction, and to appreciate the brew itself and the ambiance.   I strive to unify all elements that make sake beautiful from my point of view, and what I feel others should embrace.    Theme music"Dream Ten" by Liquid Mind.

Some of you may already know, according to my other post, that I've been a bit busy exploring a new fetish called "bonyu," so unfortunately,  I haven't had a chance to focus on nihonshu like I normally do. Now, there's no…

Kamakura Night Walks

Exploring Kamakura at night is quite relaxing. The photo to your left is behind the Kamakura Station at around 7:30pm, just before the rush of commuters start to take place.

At around this time you can spot salarymen either dashing home or hailing a taxi. Some stop by a coffee shop to relax before heading home. Others like me are just enjoying the autumn night with its cool breeze and clear starry night sky.

From the main gate side of Kamakura Station, you can spot figures of shadows on their way to somewhere, anywhere. Just off to the left there's a tourist information center that has several shops that stay open until 10pm. Before my night walk I stopped over at a place called Marbles which serves up organic ice cream. The chocolate is good.

After exiting the Tourist Information center I headed over to the Komachidori Street. In this photo, just across the way, you can see some buildings. On the top floor there's one of my fav coffee houses called Suzu's. I highly recommen…

Great Cafe's and Eateries in Kamakura

This post will explore coffee shops around Kamakura Station, plus a few other places for good food and beer. I think it's just as important to visit Kamakura at night as it is in the day because the city, like most other cities, take on a different form.  There is no nightlife here, so if you are looking for a bar I do not recommend stopping through.

When the crowds have all returned home, and the streets have cleared, Kamakura looks much more like an historic town for me. You get to see buildings and places that you would normally skip over or not pay attention to when there're throngs of people are around. I took my time and walk around at my own pace in the cool of the evening this time. The first order of business was dinner. Kamakura Grilled Sausages is the name of this place in the picture below. Of all the blogs and website in the blogosphere who have written about Kamakura, all skipped over one of, if not, one of the most popular local stops near Kamakura Station. It&…