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Great Sucks!

Firstly, I apologize for my long windedness in introducing this nihonshu.   I think it's because how most view a particular topic has more to do with it being specific about the topic only, and not other things that may or may not be relevant.    And again, as I have stated in previous posts, I combine all elements into one whole.   This may come off a bit obsessive, but it's my style. Sake is not a single entity unto itself.   It is a rice brew that people drink in order to lubricate the wheels of social interaction, and to appreciate the brew itself and the ambiance.   I strive to unify all elements that make sake beautiful from my point of view, and what I feel others should embrace.    Theme music"Dream Ten" by Liquid Mind.

Some of you may already know, according to my other post, that I've been a bit busy exploring a new fetish called "bonyu," so unfortunately,  I haven't had a chance to focus on nihonshu like I normally do. Now, there's no correlation between nihonshu and "bonyu," but its beauty could metaphorically be attached in some way or another, I think.  Wine like sake, is like drinking the history of the world.   Bonyu is like drinking the history of an entire lifetime.

I was walking with my private wet nurse the other day and we were talking about a new trend in Tokyo. She was mentioning about sushi and champagne being in vogue, something that I had thought was rare since I am a purist at heart, and that mixing anything with my sushi and nihonshu would be totally out of the question.  Yet, this "champagne and sushi" thing sounded a bit unique. I am always open to new things, in sensible doses.  I like champagne; it's bubbly, light, and fruity, but is it okay with sushi, or sashimi?

I have three private wet nurses each with their own story, however, Yuchan is by far the most interesting. For one, she loves sushi and nihonshu, but more so champagne than nihonshu. "OK….,"I said to myself.  She had recommended I try it someday, and so I promised myself I would someday with my other Jukujo mom to have it over champagne.

In the  room I was sitting on the bed gathering my thoughts while Yuchan was removing her garments. For some strange reason Nietzsche popped into my head.  As my wet nurse was removing her nylons from her long toned legs I remembered the Nietzshe's overman.  In my day-to-day experiences in this country I am surrounded by people with herd instincts, or sheeple, in other words.  They are not trend setters, just followers and do- gooders who lack the ability to think for themselves.    They'd much rather be told what to believe and think, even how to love and they only care about their own comforts.   This is the 'last man.'    I am the overman in that I seek to enhance humanity through my own set of values by redefining what intimacy  should be about, much like how homosexuals demand to be recognized and accepted into a society that largely rejects them.   Or like when I attempt to redefine beauty and 'J-momma love.'

As things progressed I began to notice Yuchan.   Something about her clean and well manicured nails, her flawless make-up, her size and height.   Several months ago I was in negotiations with the manager of the company that introduced me to her.   A tall and robust Chinese/Korean man who was born in Japan; late 40s; well spoken in both languages.  I had asked if he could book an appointment with Yuchan for a feeding.   It took him months to arrange this for me.  It wasn't easy, but he pulled it off.   You see, it was strange, he and I had a chance to get to know each other.   Prior to business operations we would talk about deep and profound topics.   He was a mother's milk salesman in the morning and a protestant minister in the evening.   

Back in the room, there me and Yuchan were.  She was undoing the last article of her clothing. She stands about 6'2" and I have never posted pictures of her on the internet because as most of you may know I was banned from Youtube for posting pictures of my other wet nurse Minami!  And have been struggling to find a filehosting site that would allow some soft porn to be posted. I have found some but the file size restrictions don't allow posting. I will find a work around.

At any rate, the overman and lastman analogy in Nietzsche is interpreted in many ways; the lastman only looks out for himself. The overman for some people could have its associations in the Christian god head whereas for others could be THAT person who is a trend setter, or who is a person that affects the lives of others, through others.   I have been affected, and seek to affect others.

Fully unrobed Yuchan has enormous breast (111 J Cups)! And heavy with milk.  She is a type of overman for me, because she is strong, elegant, beautiful, and very decisive and full of confidence. Minami san, was more soft and docile, which in itself is still charming but far from the sensual mystique for me. Yuchan could definitely affect the opinions of people in a profound way - she affected mine. 

The amount of milk pouring and spritzing all at the same time from both nipples was enough to drive any many crazy. I couldn't swallow fast enough, I even gagged once. Wholesome sweet milk was all I could think of - Japan milk, Yuchan milk, wow, this is heaven. I drank so much milk. The flavors coming from Yuchan were richer and fuller whereas Minami's milk was lighter and sweeter and less noticeable on the tongue.

I still can't forget how Yuchan straddled me with those long and beautiful legs, though.   I was feeding from a woman who was taller than me, a life giver.  In Japanese there are several classes of women in this line of work.   The class Yuchan falls in is called "superwoman" or  超人的な女性 in Japanese.  Other classes would be super cute, motherly, and so forth and so on. Superwomen class is premium and rare and very hard to find and get as they are the most difficult to book because they have the most repeaters.

I was so pleased after our milking session.   For those who are not familiar with drinking breast milk, well, it completely kills the appetite afterwards.  The milk itself is so satisfying that you lose all cravings for other food.  I would come with an empty stomach and leave without any cravings for food, or even liquid.
After getting home I cracked open a bottle of( 鍋島) Nabeshima Harvest Moon from Saga Prefecture. Every woman I have sex with or enjoy I always purchase a bottle of sake to commemorate that person. The rice used is called Yamadanishiki at 100% super dry, clean straight forward flavors. At 65% and the nihonshu-do is +7.

Sitting back and reflecting on the video and smelling that milk drenched towel and sipping on that nihonshu, I exhale a breath of relief that everything went well. What a pleasant experience. So as it stands, I need to try sushi and champagne. I have been influenced. i have been pushed to the next level. Can it be done!?

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