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Kamakura Night Walks

Exploring Kamakura at night is quite relaxing. The photo to your left is behind the Kamakura Station at around 7:30pm, just before the rush of commuters start to take place.

At around this time you can spot salarymen either dashing home or hailing a taxi. Some stop by a coffee shop to relax before heading home. Others like me are just enjoying the autumn night with its cool breeze and clear starry night sky.

From the main gate side of Kamakura Station, you can spot figures of shadows on their way to somewhere, anywhere.

Just off to the left there's a tourist information center that has several shops that stay open until 10pm. Before my night walk I stopped over at a place called Marbles which serves up organic ice cream. The chocolate is good.

After exiting the Tourist Information center I headed over to the Komachidori Street. In this photo, just across the way, you can see some buildings. On the top floor there's one of my fav coffee houses called Suzu's. I highly recommend the Kamakura Banana with hot cup of Blue Mountain and hot apple pie.

And from here's where my walk began. As you can see the streets were empty, except for a few passersby. I didn't know how far to walk, so I just took my time exploring this small wonderland of shops and historical landmarks.

The first place I noticed off to my left is this little pavilion with a really pretty christmas tree lit up. I saw a couple having a chat over black.

One thing about Kamakura is the seemingly endless array of shops and boutiques. There's a shop for just about everything here from bric-a-brac, to calligraphy brushes. Even though the shops were closed it was still a nice time for me. The picture below is a Tenegui shop.

Here the door was in a unique position, still beautiful nevertheless.

And then here, my favorite ham shop. In the daytime it's full of people scrambling for that legendary Kamakura Ham. If it weren't so expensive I'd be eating it like a hog everyday. I think it's pretty decent ham, personally I think you can find good ham anywhere in Japan.

Over here is an old structure that sells ornaments and little trinkets of sorts. I was more interested in the structure than what was inside.

This picture is of another shop but in the shape of a zukkuri style shrine with a few modifications.

And then I noticed this guy sitting over here.

I walked around for a about 2 hours. It was really nice. Kamakura at night is definitely for the easy traveler.


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