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Maid Cafe: Welcome to the Land of Dreams

Today a client swung by and picked me up in the company car and whisked me off for an afternoon of fun in the electronics capital of Japan, Akihabara. No, we didn't visit any go-go-gadget shops, but where we did go was a Maid Cafe which was something totally unexpected. Maid Cafes are a part of Japan's erotic and exotic subculture, so knowing me I had to go, and Mr. K was the perfect host who knows how a like the " weird and the strange," and about how I love to explore the unknown.

The name of the cafe is called MaiDreamin' and it's here where we were escorted up to the 6th floor by elevator. Stepping off into a magical dream land, we entered into a portal full of eager to serve young spry Japanese vixens who ran about at every beck and call, bright eyed and bushy tail like...super cute. I was impressed. When we tried asking where one of the maids was from she just looked at us with this look of utter befuddlement and said "niya-niya, nippon!" Literally. Part of the entertainment is sounding like a baby by making little squeaky noises while making cat paw poses. We got a little chuckle over that, way too cute for us.

Later on, I was disappointed because we weren't allowed to snap photos, but I managed to get a snap of me with this super cute type just to prove I was there. Me and Mr. K still managed to have a good time. The highlight for him were the dresses they were wearing; hiked up minis, nylons, hundreds of little trinkets dangling everywhere. The big feature for me was just being there, nothing special really as I would gladly take a milk parlor tour over anything. The cafe itself was all adorned in pink and white with either a table or counter seat option - pay to sit down. Table seats are ¥1000, counter seats are ¥500, plus the entrance fee you pay when you leave. Mr. K and I ordered curry rice at ¥1200 per plate. We skipped the drinks.

The usual otaku types started rolling in at about noonish. Grown ass men,too! I didn't see anybody under 25 in the place. I saw cross dressers and new halfs, salarymen, NEETS, Westerners. I even saw two very gorgeous Japanese girls walk in to the place. I had no idea girls were into this type of cafe fetish! Tokyo truly is like stepping into another world. I noticed a white guy at the counter playing card games with one of the maids. Apparently, card games are an optional service at ¥500 per game. If you want the girl to jump up and down and act incredibly stupid then that's an additional ¥500! I had one of them draw "I love you" on my rice with ketchup. Hahaha... It was sweet. I got a sense that many of the customers there were regulars.

Getting there shouldn't be too difficult:

By metro subway: Okamachi exit

By car: Exit Ueno off the Shuto Expressway, turn left, keep straight until you come up on the intersection Chuo Dori and Kuramaebashi. You should start looking for parking then. Walk up Chuo Dori heading away from Ueno to LOX, so you should be on the right side of the street. You'll see several ramen places and a few signs pointing to the maid cafe.

They are open seven days a week from 10:30 to 23:00!

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