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"in here, everybody is friends," one of the elderly gentleman said. There was an affinity between me and the old man. He used to golf around my area back in Torrance, so it was a coincidence seeing him there at this onsen, in Japan - small world.Shikanoyu is an old and venerated hot spring, one that's frequented by people from all over Japan, namely elderly people. The building is maintained in its original form, all wood and bamboo enclosing, six large hot milky white hot springs, each with varying temperatures from 37 degrees centigrade ( 98.6 F ) to 48 degrees centigrade(118.4 F). The atmosphere was full of thick steam and sulfur. There were over 100 people shuffling about trying to squeeze into a tub here, and there. The water was excellent! I moseyed along to the back trying not to be noticed… In back were the two hottest tubs; 46C~48C! There were four hot water specialist who were capable of sitting in the hottest tub for at least five minutes. I was truly impre…


New beginnings. We all have a beginning. Where did you begin? In less than 3 days there will be a new beginning for all of us when we ring in the new year, the best time of year. We let our hair down, throw caution to the wind, do things we wind up regretting the next day. My first taste of Japanese sake was a new beginning for me, and is partly what led me here to Japan. That first sip…That first kiss…That first whiff…. Hot sake lubricating the wheels of social interaction led me to explore and learn about how this god water was made. A matron taught me how to appreciate her own native cuisine by first teaching me how food, sake and her work well together.
Gambrinus, the patron saint of beer brewing and legendary king of Flanders, had a beginning from a matron. Like Gambrinus, my first taste of god came from a woman. In Gambrinus's case his was the mighty Isis, an Egyptian goddess, ideal mother and matriarch of nature and magic, and goddess of motherhood. Mines was the Japanese …

Kanreki Obasaan

The 12-animal Chinese Zodiac, each person is born under one of 5 elemental signs (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). These two cycles reset every 60 years so a person is said to be starting their 2nd cycle (childhood). In Japan, men (and these days women) wear a red hat and red vest as part of the kanreki celebration. Red is a color most often associated with children. In ancient times, when life expectancies were much shorter, living to 60 was no small feat and those in their 60's often required some sort of geriatric care and were indeed like children in that they needed to be cared for. Unfortunately, in spite of the literal meaning of Kanreki, it is a term that's often always associated with senectitude and senility.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and the "Kanreki" tradition still continues on unabated, thanks in part to modern medicine, which has contributed to longer life spans and the preservation of beauty and health. I'm sure we can all appreciate the re…

Eugeni(fy) Me

I should be 186cm tall; slender; have striking good looks; have a 12 inch penis; great job/career; friends. All the signs of a winner.
The lady should have a great smile; lots of friends; 170cm tall; skinny; lots of hobbies; loves her mom and dad; attends church; she sings; she's athletic;she's passionate in and out of bed; she loves kids. When she was in high school she was the prom queen. A G-spot squirter; a Japanese with a healthy appreciation of culture and language.

("As long as both sexes have the desired qualities then a perfect match made heaven with a perfect half baby as a gift from the gods").

Amazing. Does life really imitate art? Rarely, I suppose. I wonder if there's a contradiction in all of this, though. Is there really a ladder that one must climb in order to attain this ideal of success?

Here are my observations from my warm weathered bench: Tall lanky successful white man with a painfully average looking anorexic eyesore for a Japanese girl w…

Year End Kickoff

Around nine I was coming out of a strange high kick fantasy when the sun had shone brilliantly through my windows. The gradation was a dazzling mix of gold and yellow, then finally bright yellow that permeated through the thin folds of my eyelids. And then as I was rolling over on my left side, trying to hold on to the last images of that wet dream, I heard a familiar faint cry of pleasure mixed with pain.  It had to be my Chinese neighbors, I said to myself.  For them it only takes 5 minutes to do the "do," so no sleep was lost on my part, I had a peaceful morning. Around noon I knew I would reward them back with some real rumpus after mom swung by.

Rolling back over on my back, I rubbed the smoothness of my paunch, thoughts of what to eat for breakfast shuffled through my mind. I was hungry and I wanted something heavy, but my bed was so comfortable I couldn't pull up.  Just five more minutes I thought to myself. Since I had a gig that morning I thought I could sw…

Protecting the Weak/Preserving Tradition

(photo credits go to Dilbit) She was only trying to extricate his flimsy lifeless soul once again from falling into that abyss of self loathing and pity, if only resurrecting his soul back to the banality of his meager existence that night was enough, enough to make him even just half a man, even this would surely be enough for her to continue loving him.   Something about cheap booze that makes you hit rock bottom sometimes, and then having to maintain some semblance of sobriety while trying to save face at the same time, especially in the company of non-Japanese.    His better half shook him, and straightened his face. She supported his back so that he would stand upright. I admired this quality in his girlfriend.    She was protecting his image.

I could, from the watery glassiness of his eyes and weakened neck, see his own broken soul glaring back at me from a distance.   His own rage shrouded under the veneer of his overly obsequious behavior as he smiled towards us.  Shortly aft…

Solar Sailer

Theme music for this post: Solar Sailer by Daft Punk ( photo credits go to Tsushin).

Not sure if it's her own warmth, the temps are unusually high this winter. One more extra day without having to wrestle with that god awful heavy wool sweater. Hard dead animal hair grazing over her soft tenderness. She was comfortable enough in her own skin that day, without having to drape her body in death. Instead, she wore silk.

That morning, not even the bitter prickly coldness of mother nature's icy glass tits could break the warm sweet silence that was in her midst. Brilliant orbs in golden hues descending down in radiant splendor, enveloping her whole being(ness).

Thick hot pockets of steam; lanky long and elegance rising out of that hot liquid mineral richness. Bath time only opened up another portal of sensuality, a still moment in timeless beauty, for what seemed like an eternity.
I wonder what she'll wear on her skin today to the supermarket? I can't help but think &quo…

Winter Treats: Sweet Mochi Soup / 納言しるこ

When it gets cold around Japan, one of the most popular Japanese treats I love to eat is called, in Japanese, "shiru-ko" a hot azuki bean soup served two different ways, pulpy or smooth. Azuki is a legume that originated in the Himalayas over a 1000 years ago and has made its way all over asia until it reached Japan.

The smooth, or pureed version, has a mochi(sticky) rice cake in it. This version for me is the best because you don't have to spoon it out; you can just drink it from the bowl. For those who've never tried this, it's sweet. I love how it coats the mouth and palate. In between slurps I sip down some green tea and eat a fermented pickle in order to give the whole thing a nice balance between sweet, bitter, and sour flavor profiles.

Here in Japan, shiroku can be purchased from vending machines for as little as 100 yen. However, if you want the real authentic home taste then I can recommend a fantastic restaurant in Kamakura, Yokohama called in Japanese…

Surfing in December in Japan

Tokyo-To, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, Gunma , and Tochigi Prefectures all make up a large portion of a region of Japan called Kanto.   From every cardinal direction, the proximity of lakes,rivers,oceans, and cities are within reach. If we were to choose a centrally located city like Tokyo for example, a 2 hour commute by car or by train in any direction could easily take you to a natural hot spring, a pristine garden-park, a temple, a shrine, and even wetlands and marshes. How about surfing?

Around December many Japanese typically enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and snow trekking. Here in Japan, surfing is enjoyed year round, even during typhoon season. Luckily for those of us who live in the Kanto region we can enjoy a little bit of everything without ever having to leave this region. Surfing seems to be gaining in popularity, lately.   Even on chilly December mornings you can see surfers out hitting the waves, sometimes as early as 4:30am.   I'm a SoCal transplant, so waking up at 4:…


As mentioned in previous postings; Japanese sake lubricates the wheels of social interaction. Around this time of year companies in Japan have after-hours drinking parties where co-workers binge on alcohol with their supervisors, or with friends. This type of gathering is sometimes referred to as " forget the year gathering." I personally no longer attend such gatherings unless nihonshu is on the menu. If I'm going to further damage my liver, then let me drink the good stuff, at least.

Some salarymen dread this awful get together, and would much rather be with real friends or with family than co-workers. One acquaintance of mine told me that one big reason he hates these get-togethers is because he has to perform something in Japanese called "goma-suri" ( sesame grinding), the literal meaning would be something like brown nosing or kissing ass in English whereby the junior salarymen would have to pour sake for the seniors and be little errand boys, sometimes unt…


Winter arriveth, and with it brings another form of beauty frozen in timeless splendor. Icebound cascades, snowcapped peaks, steamy mineral rich hot springs, snow clad pines and cypress trees are what come to my mind when I think of winter. The beautiful winter brocade adorning that gentlewoman's long flowing kimono, evoke in me a sense of wonder and appreciation for Japan's rich cultural heritage.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// For years I've been attempting to collect a type of prosopography of Japanese women. A lot of us guys do it; we try to find reason why "J" women are this way and that way. We deduce things down using our own pimp-ology and stuff like that. What's her background, how she looks, and why she behaves a certain way. But I think what we all find in the end, is that women are just women. What it really comes down to is choosing who you'd be willing to sacrifice your life for on the alter of wo…