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Eugeni(fy) Me

I should be 186cm tall; slender; have striking good looks; have a 12 inch penis; great job/career; friends. All the signs of a winner.

The lady should have a great smile; lots of friends; 170cm tall; skinny; lots of hobbies; loves her mom and dad; attends church; she sings; she's athletic;she's passionate in and out of bed; she loves kids. When she was in high school she was the prom queen. A G-spot squirter; a Japanese with a healthy appreciation of culture and language.

("As long as both sexes have the desired qualities then a perfect match made heaven with a perfect half baby as a gift from the gods").

Amazing. Does life really imitate art? Rarely, I suppose. I wonder if there's a contradiction in all of this, though. Is there really a ladder that one must climb in order to attain this ideal of success?

Here are my observations from my warm weathered bench: Tall lanky successful white man with a painfully average looking anorexic eyesore for a Japanese girl with no obvious signs of any cleavage whatsoever; she'll be warming bottles every morning for sure after the child is born. Not one single charming aspect about his pick, yet he feels he has achieved something by scoring a Japanese girl who was probably his student at one time. I have seen this time and time again in all the years I have lived in Japan. I have many benches, and from my bench, and even high a top my perch sometimes looking down at others, my eyes have come across thousands of couples ambulating here and there, hither and thither,in search of nothing, just two people with idle minds recycling the same dead topics from yesterday, and the day before, and the week before, and the month before….. The brothers are no different, they get the ghettofab types, although lately I have seen some modest improvements in their choices.

All the bellyaching and moaning I hear from these discontented saps is disheartening. (" Now that I'm married I can't do this, and I can't do that!"). (" I have to ask my wife permission for every single little thing. I have to sit down when I pee, I can't eat whatever I want because I'm gonna get fat"). Of all the lameness that these men endure for such little in return and from such rejects is truly sad.

I wonder about Daryn and Mike sometimes. How could they go from making 500,000 yen a month to nothing? Both of these guys married lemons and gave up lucrative careers in order to return to their home countries with baskets full of lemons, with not even enough juice between either wife to squeeze barely even a single micro- drop of lemonade. These grown men had to move back into their parents home with a wife! I don't understand what this kind of sacrifice means, or whether it could be classified as a sacrifice. I call it a rip off!

My "J" mom always asks me why I never make a solid effort to get young Japanese girls. I always answer, " because there's never an even compromise between us. On one hand, Japanese girls like slender guys, and I am not slender. On the other hand, I don't like skinny girls who have no ass and legs"). If the Japanese girl can apply a standard to how she wants her man to look, then the man should also apply a standard to how he wants his Japanese girl to look. J girls just don't see it that way, and so most henpecked white guy accept whatever they can get.

To this day my "J" mom is built very well; large breast, large thighs, big nipples, fair smooth skin, no tattoos, toned and heavy. Not some tiny little fold up, strum a tune on her rib cage, wife you stick in your wallet, or some " two spoons" and I have had enough to eat, or I don't like nihonshu because my taste buds are too unrefined to appreciate my own national drink, or I'm allergic to butter because I'm too stupid to recognize a basic food component in many cuisines, or I don't visit Yasukuni because China told me not to, or I wanna go to America because Japan is a dirty country! " Brain dead" is the final diagnosis for many young Japanese girls.

Like hell I'm gonna even try to walk away from the Jukujo.

If I had to design my own Jgirl then she would never be younger than me. She would be my senior. My "J" mom spent years playing volleyball that's why her legs are so thick and well toned. Everything I want in a J woman is modeled after my "J" mom. She has a long history in the Arts, including Judo, Ikebana, and painting. A healthy appreciation for Western culture, but not too much where she hates her own national pastimes, traditions, and customs. Loves to eat, loves to drink good nihonshu, loves onsen, loves temples and shrines, love sex and good sleep.

It's a commonly held belief amongst Westerners that "J" girls are easy, it's basically true, even for the not so handsome, and not so slender types. Some of my greatest and fondest memories with even young girls in Japan came via Mr. Donuts, Starbucks, and bus stops! Trust me on this one, so I am not short on titillating tales and exploits.
So in the end of all this hue and cry, is there a magic formula for getting the ideal J woman? Hell no! Although, having a career could get your foot in the door, but in no way shape or fashion will that bring about the " real deal" so to speak. Marrying an airhead is easy, finding a real woman is more difficult. The rules rarely ever apply in Japan. Timing usually trumps superficial encounters. Does is matter if you are fat? I think it depends on your attitude and self confidence more so than how fat you are. I have seen a lot of fat foreigners with Jgirls in my time here, lots!

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