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舟伏の庄: Gifu Soba


One of the nicest treats during winter in Japan would be a nice hot bowl of udon, a thick wheat-flour noodle. Often times it is served hot with different toppings depending on whatever region you are in. Every region in Japan has its own particular favorite style of udon.
Where I'm eating this udon is in Gifu Prefecture at a place called Funabu-Senosho, and although the local specialty of this region is nishin-udon( udon with herring), I'm eating a bowl of braised pork udon, which is hands down my favorite style of udon. There's just something about hot thick noodles and pork in a hot bowl of broth that's just devine.
No matter where you go in Kyoto, Nagoya, or Gifu, you'll always be able to find a place that serves excellent soba. The reason I chose this shop was because it's a little ways out, and has that down home feeling. I love old wooded restaurants.


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