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Keirin School: Beauty & Strength

Aspiring professional keirin riders in Japan compete for entrance into the Japan Keirin School. The 10 percent of applicants who are accepted then undergo a strict, 15-hours per day, training regimen. Those who pass the graduation exams, and are approved by the NJS become eligible for professional keirin races in Japan.

There are several videos of female cyclist in Japanese in the top video. Unfortunately, I won't be translating any of it, but you can get the gist of what they're saying.

Personally, I have been a fan of Keirin for a number of years. I always love watching how perfectly Japanese women infuse beauty with strength. Their overall physical beauty and cuteness is a far cry from what you see in reality. Strength training is something almost unheard of in the major urban areas, unless you attend a gym and do boxercise. Below is a speed demonstration by an incredible female athlete.

I would love to have a Japanese woman like this ....I suspire. You must forgive my usual magniloquence, but when I look at these women I go crazy. Of all the women in the human race, Japanese women never fail to maintain their feminine quality, no matter how hard they train their bodies. Even with increased levels of testosterone from intensive workouts, they never seem to loose that natural cuteness in any way whatsoever. Why it's this way, I don't know. Even the Japanese female shot putters and javelin throwers maintain some semblance of beauty throughout their entire career. Physically, for me, these are the ideal J-girls, like I've said for just about every single woman I have ever posted about. I just love wholeness and natural beauty.

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