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Kinoko No Yado

This Yado (mansion)/ryokan(Japanese inn), is truly an experiment in cuteness. Kinoko means mushroom in Japanese and this mansion is built in the shape of one. If you click on the link you can see the view from the outside. This uniquely designed inn was a mix of modern and classical themes; old wooded baths with modern amenities.

The tub is a real tree hollowed out and made into a bath. I was barely able to squeeze into this thing, but I did and it was a very unique experience for me. The snow was a plus, too. Aside from this fact, another interesting hot spring I posted about before is located right next door to this Japanese inn called Unkaikaku. The indoor bath was modest, but not as hot as I would have liked it.

What we enjoyed most about this inn was the food, the theme, and the overall general atmosphere. The staff were friendly and everything was just homely and comfortable.

Lots of fresh sashimi and seasonal delights, and of course mushrooms which were in the pot were excellent. You may have to check several maps to find this as it's not easily listed. Getting here you can take the nasu highway bus, or by car. Of course I recommend by car. I wouldn't travel any other way.


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