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Ishiuchi Yung Parunas

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If a picture could speak, what would this one say? This is a "yukimiburo" a snow bath that's steamy and hot! Do you need to thaw out those cold frozen bones in your fingers and toes? February is looking to be one of the coldest winters on record with snow falling in heaps all over northern Japan, so what better time of year to enjoy yourself than to soak in something like an outdoor bath during the coldest month of the year, in Japan.

Ishiuchi Yung Parunus is an onsen/business/restaurant style hotel with very basic amenities. The rooms are large, some even have their own hot spring tubs. The prices are reasonable and the onsen(hotspring) is 100% pure and excellent. I have visited this place a few times, and each time I am never disappointed at the quality of the hot-spring. The views are wintery, the water is a nice mix of sodium chloride and calcium. Truly lovely and truly the soul of Japan.



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