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Sapporo Snow Festival: Snowfes62

Theme Music: The Toy Garden by Helios

The snow festival ends on the 13th, so I thought it would be timely since I just came back from up there to post up some snaps. Every year the city of Sapporo hosts the snow festival which draws over 2 million visitors from all over the world. This year was my first time and I loved all of it

To get things started off right I had to stop by the BMW ice bar to grab some hot liquids.

Double shot of Hot Baileys in my coffee really set the mood off right for this trip, especially since it was minus 12 in Sapporo.

Lots of fun was had and I met so many other travelers. From my hotel to the site was about 4 blocks. When I arrived I was greeted by a dazzling ice light show with music. The mammoth sized dinosaurs were beautiful.

The most you'll need to wear is some thermos and a light jacket with an extra liner to keep you warm. Waterproof boots and a face warmer and a hat and gloves will do just find. YOU do not need ski gear. Below is a picture of the TV tower.

Nivea sponsored these huge polar bears which was a hit with the Chinese tourist.

Nature sculptures were impressive.

The Lion King

Chinese historical landmark in Kyoto.

Suzuran(sp?) exhibit

The little snowmen are mascot for the snowfes.

The nightly revelry was nice. The smell of seafood and Sapporo Classic was in the air.

Kani miso, or the innards of the crab mixed together with crab meat and soy sauce with hot sake was amazing! I ate at least four or five of these. Actually, I could eat these everyday if I could.

I have tons more pictures I took of the snowboard jumps. These are just a small sample of the night photos. Again, the festival ends this Saturday the 12 or the 13th. I will make an effort to attend the snowfest every year if I can. Just simply an amazing event. I had an ice cold Sapporo Classic in my hand the whole time. I will post up some day shots a bit later.

Special shout out to Loneleeplanet for hosting this months matsuri

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