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Honke Maguro

The title goes something like 本家鮪屋(Honke Maguro), an old favorite restaurant of mine I used to go to years ago. NHK had aired a special about Izu's famous Maguro (tuna) one evening and according to the broadcast Izu has a long history with tuna, its own brand of tuna.

When most Japanese think of maguro they think of places like Oma in Aomori, and Tsukiji in Tokyo, or Misaki in Yokosuka which all claim to have the most delicious maguro in all of Japan. I have been to, and have sampled all of these famous tunas and would have to agree that all three brands are the best.....I suppose. In Oma the tuna is so fresh the meat shines - a protein sheen left on the meat after it's been cut.

The Honke Maguro restaurant is unique in the fact that it specializes only in tuna it catches, and with an emphasis on style and eclecticism when it's being served. If you have a chance to stop by and enjoy Kawazu River, stop at this restaurant for dinner.

Any dish is delicious. Service is in Japanese as well as the menu.

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