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Kakuemon: 角右衛門

The brewery that makes this sake is called Akita Kimura Shuzo, and the name of the sake I am drinking is called Kakuemon Tokubetsu Junmai Shu. This is a special brew that falls in between a junmai and a junmai ginjo; in other words an especially brewed premium sake.

The breakdown is as follows:
Seimaibuai/Remaining Rice = 60%
Sando/Acidity Level =1.6
Alcohol = 16.5

The history of the brewery goes back centuries, which can be reflected in all of its sake. 

Keyword: SMOOTH, like the Akita Beauty. I love the complex fruits I get out of this one, and it's sweet. It's one of those sake you can only get if you are in Japan. It's a modest sake that holds up well to a variety of different dishes and occasions. You never get tired of it. Me and my Jukujo drank down this whole 1.8 liter bottle and crashed down on the mattress and slept deeply for hours.

It's more like an everyday, I-love-sake kind of drink you can binge on and know that you are getting what you paid for, and be satisfied.



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