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Kawazu River of Shizuoka

Kawazu River of Shizuoka

It's officially spring in Japan, and in spite of all the shitty weather we've been having off and on last week, cherry blossoms are in full bloom in some parts of the mainland. The place to be this weekend is Kawazu River in Shizuoka Prefecture, Izu, a place regarded by many old timers as being the Mecca of cherry blossoms in Japan!


I agree if you want to take in scenic river views lined with pink cherry blossom trees. On a perfect day it's absolutely gorgeous down there. It just doesn't get any better unless you go to cities like Kyoto or Kakunodate - in April. There's just something about rivers, pink trees, and delicious sake with seasonal dishes that really create that special mood of freshness and newness spring brings during this time of year. My favorite treat is this


This is a photo I took last time I was down there and the weather was beautiful. If you decide to head down this weekend remember to try the wasabi-soft ice cream, and to visit Joren no Taki, a famous waterfall with beautiful views. I highly recommend purchasing freshly grown wasabi there too - the best! Best season for visiting this area would be between lat Feb. to mid. March. Izu is one of the most accessible areas for tourist coming from Tokyo and Yokohama.

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  1. Spring? What spring? Where? I want to know! It was minus 5 last night and we had no hot water again, them bloody pipes froze, as always.
    I want spring!!! NOW!!!

  2. That riverside is so gorgeous and Izu is super popular sightseeing place that has a lot to offer. I would love to visit during cherry blossom season. It must be photogenic!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. A and Y<< Kawazu is in full bloom until the middle of next week. If you get a chance to get down that way check it out.

    Y. Ikeda<< Thanks for your comment. Kawazu is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in Japan. If you get a chance head down that way.



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