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Golden Week: Surviving the Fallout

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One of Japan's largest holiday seasons is upon us now, post 3-11. It's called Golden Week, or Goruden Wiku in Japanese English, and it's one of the most anticipated holiday periods of the year from April 29th to May5th. There're several holidays during this period, but the most notable one is on April 29th, which is the Tenno's Birthday. I place extra emphasis on his birthday because of the symbolism he represents for the nation of Japan and for the spiritual unity of the Japanese nation. Images of the former Tenno Showa come to mind when he too stood amongst the millions in the ashes of the aftermath of devastation. Perhaps it was his image alone that offered solace and comfort to so many without hope.
I hope Japan's image can survive the type of senseless fallout caused by the media. Western news sources butchered Fukushima to pieces, so I feel as though I have a sort of mandate to correct the distorti…

Sakura Report Yokohama

There's a somberness in the air this hanami season. Park bench hanami with a sandwich and a small tea under a simple looking cherry blossom tree should suffice the urge to want to break forth from the horror of many fortnights ago.
The pink pedals never forget how to dance each year; I like to watch at how beautiful they swirl, pink and dainty. I never forget this energy. I feel this energy. The power of a sakura tree can heal and sooth the senses. It's fragrance as the light warm spring breeze moves through your hair. I especially love the smell of sakura and nihonshu and seafood mixed in all together like a beautiful potpourri on a brilliant warm spring afternoon like today. The general mood in Yokohama is melancholy, though. Some people are content with just walking around the pink pedal lined promenades. Others like myself, are content with a few pics here and there while reflecting on the surroundings with an occasional aftershock here and there. Some people don't kno…