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Gono Line 2

On our left side we caught a beautiful patch of cherry blossom trees right alongside the coast. Cherry blossoms along the Gono are dotted here and there on small patches of farmland. We caught this view near the coast.

Cherry blossoms usually come into bloom in March in West Japan first, and then gradually as weather becomes warmer you can start to see them bloom further up north as early at late April to the first part of May.

Turning my head quickly back to the right I saw the Sea of Japan come into full view. The Sea of Japan is a complex configuration of rocks jutting out from the sea.

The Gono is constantly winding and turning, and switching back. We tucked into a pocket of land and passed a couple of small country houses.

Life must be simple for people living out here. Hmmm....simple but tough. The bitter winters must wreak havoc on their farms.

But I'm sure in the summer they can enjoy surfing and fishing while looking out into the great expanse of the Sea of Japan.

And then to another patch of farmland. The weather can change quickly in the area.

As we continued, another feature of this area unfolded.

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