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Iwate Backcountry

Leaving pleasant memories behind in Kakunodate I boarded a local line to Shizukuishi Station. By the way, Akita can be reached directly from Tokyo Station via the Akita Komachi Shinkansen, Akita's own exclusive line.

The last leg of my journey took me to Iwate Prefecture, right next door from Akita Prefecture to a small onsen town near Tsunagi Onsen. Just to give you a little perspective, on Akita's side is the Sea of Japan, and on Iwate's side is the Pacific Ocean. Between these two prefectures are some of the most densely wooded areas in Tohoku. Iwate is rugged and beautiful whereas Akita is graceful and charming.

During the 2hr ride I was sipping on a little sake I had picked up from Kakunodate. My feet were aching from all the walking I had done so a little refreshment was well deserved.

As the train wound its way through labyrinths of tunnels and low places the air from outside began to cool. I knew from then late evening was upon us.

In Iwate there were so many open fields dotted with cherry blossoms.

In this picture you can see Mount Iwate, the truest symbol of this prefecture. It's good being in Iwate again. I love this area. Last time I was up here I spent time near the coast.


  1. Some great pictures and love the dense and rugged woodlands of the mountains.

    Japan Australia



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