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A Jukujo Story

6pm, the World is supposed to be ending, according to an 89 year old American preacher in Oakland California. What better way to end the world than to be doing something that you love.... If today is that day, then I can honestly say that I had a damn good day. Why you say? You be the judge.

Since things are back to normal in Yokohama city, I don't have to feel so bad about blogging about one of my favorite topics: The Jukujo. Since the last time I posted on my favorite kind of woman, I have changed hunting grounds. I used to loiter around Starbucks coffee houses and bus stops. On occasion, the supermarkets and convenience stores, and even subways were excellent places. The last few months have been really tough for me though. I had more let downs this year so far than usual. That may be attributed to my age and weight gain, but then again, I don't want to make excuses for myself, but then again there was the 3-11 mega-quake, or mega-quakes to be exact which had a major effect on all of us. People are finally starting to put that behind them. Spring has a way of helping that, especially with all the skin I get to salivate over every day.

I dated the Hayabusa girl last week. We had a nice time. She was of a reasonable age for me, 31, and single. We met at the Yokohama Station around 6 then headed for some drinks and eats over at the HUB. I admit I enjoyed the conversation and the laughs we shared. She had this really cute way about her, like at how her eyes would close tightly shut when she let out this big chuckle, or like when she would make them squint only to reveal cute baby lines across the top edges of her eyebrows. She's a hand model at night and an OL at day. Long lanky body that's flat as a cutting board. She does power yoga. She loves scooters and trains and little cute stupid shit. She was charming. She paid for her own stuff that night.

I left that date feeling good, but at the same time knowing that because of her, my passion for the Jukujo had been reaffirmed. I love a full figured J-woman. I love nice chest and legs, all the stuff I have mentioned again and again in this blogs sidebar. Several weeks pryer to that date I was dating another woman in her early forties whom I had met at shopping plaza one day. The approach as usual. I Just went along at her pace. Didn't over do anything. Didn't pressure her at all. Things just happened so naturally. Plus my buddy threw in a good word for me a few weeks ago over dinner with his main squeeze. He couldn't keep his eyes off of my Jukujo who loves nihonshu, by the way.

Pre-doomsday mail is received on my iPhone. It's her and she asked if I could come down to her place. I get there at around 11pm, we imbibe on an excellent bottle of Satsuma shochu, Tenshi Yuuwaki, or temptation for the exact translation. It was fantastic. Afterward, we sat together in a tub and relaxed with the lights off as the candles flickered away in the darkness. The breeze came in through the bathroom window gently bringing with it a lovely aromatic allure. We moved into the next room and continued our exploration of each other. Couldn't help but notice at how large and fully erect her nipples were when they stood out. At least a quarter of an inch in length and thickness. Impressive. Smooth and clean skin. She was long-legged and had well-toned calves and legs. Strong epicanthic folds in her eyes which drove me crazy whenever I was looking down into her eyes. The picture in the post looks similar to her.

I forgot all about doomsday, that day and the next day - today! I am still a bit exhausted and about to crawl into bed. I celebrated today with a whole pepperoni pizza and some Sapporo Classic. May 21st was a great day!


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