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Kakunodate: The place where you'd want to die

Kakunodate was the 3rd leg of my solo journey from Tokyo. I was determined to get here at exactly the right time this season because four years ago when I had visited here with a girlfriend we were only able to capture a glimpse of this famed region’s beauty. The best times to visit would be from late April to early May. This time around I came at exactly the right time, May 5th. The whole place was overwhelming for me this time around; I choked up a little as I began approaching the main thoroughfare and witnessing all the thick pink denseness all around me.

Kakunodate is famed for having weeping willow cherry blossom trees, samurai era houses, and merchant houses. It was as if I were walking in a picture post card; the place was so surreal. This is the Kyoto of the North!
Samurai era houses were all over the place. Here is a short 8 sec. film I had shot. I am not much into old samurai era houses, but if you are I highly recommend this area.
The picture below is the main thoroughfare you enter through to get to the river.
From 1620 Kakunodate has been a thriving little town located at the very heart of Tohoku, out in the middle of nowhere, yet at the center of everything. The soul and vibe of the real Japan is very much here. What's here can only be found in Kakunodate, a place some japanese have considered a type of heaven and a place they'd like to die at.
I will add another post to this one shortly. Enjoy. If you have any questions about this area feel free to ask me.

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