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Kakunodate in Pictures Part 2

Theme music for this post: Pictures and Indian Summer by John Beltran

I love how the roof tiles flow against a pink foreground on a traditional Japanese style house. And then as the afternoon sun begins to wane just a little, the easterly winds begin to pick up. I can start to notice a pink floral fragrance in the breeze. As I begin to approach the river the fragrance of floral pinkness begins to intensify.

Ordinary people are the backbone of Japan - the true fragrance of the nation. Like its blossoms, in times of despair or uncertainty, they bloom like the Akita-jin* who can still manage to restore his/her soul in Kakunodate.

The Hinokinai River bank is one of the most splendid river banks in Japan.

It's a little rare for me to see a Japanese father taking time out from the grind to spend with his family. Walking together and communicating in nature. Bonding and sharing. Creating a memory or two.

And then there's my favorite couple, J- Mom & son. I'm sure he's got the best view from where he is.

The energy that afternoon was strong. The laughter and merriment was healing.

The whole area has survived modernity and has not sold its soul out to the tourism industry. Everything is exactly as it was centuries ago and that's the way I like it. My true Kyoto is in the north, here in Kakunodate.

*Jin - Japanese for person.


  1. Love the Pink of Spring!!

    Spring has to be my favourite time of year to be in Japan.

    Japan Australia

  2. JA, thanks for commenting. Yes. Spring is ONE of my favorite seasons. I'm a winter man at heart.



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