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Kakunodate: Pictures

(Theme Music for this post : Pictures and Indian Summer by John Beltran)

There are beautiful women in every prefecture in Japan I think, however, according to the legend the famed Akita Bijin, or Akita beauty, is regarded as absolutely the most beautiful Japanese woman in all of Japan. The subject in this picture is beautiful indeed and she also has perfect teeth.

I love the clean look. In Japanese it's called 清楚なきれい or seisou for neat and clean, and kirei for pretty. light make-up on the face or none at all is fine. Who needs make-up? Ask the Egyptians and the Chinese, or some Japanese men who want to imitate the natural clean beauty of the Japanese women. Why are they wearing make-up? What are they trying to conceal or protect?

Tradition is good. I love tradition. I love how beautiful a Japanese woman looks in a traditional gown, especially one with a beautiful brocade. Tradition speaks volumes to me.

And then there's the ordinary Plane Jane types which I like the most, in terms of personal preference. Simple black hair with just a sprinkling of grey, beautiful clean mochi white skin, aged between 30 and 40, nihonshu drinker, onsen lover, Shinto worshipper, average looking, big hips, ass, and toned legs and an incredible rack. The best!

Beauty is subjective.


  1. The juiciest ichigo is not necessarily the prettiest. Beauty is defined in many ways, not always what pleases the eye. I share your love of beauty in the Japanese woman.

  2. Hi Cymorrow,

    Right. The juiciest ichigo, nice. haha...I like that one.
    Thank you for commenting.



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