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The Soul of Japan: Great Beef

Countless articles have been written about Japan's premium beef steaks, but if I were to narrow down just a few places, then here is a map of my personal favorites:

On some of the listings there are links in English describing restaurants and the type of beef that they serve. The listings are all well recognized establishments that serve premium grade beef at relatively reasonable prices. I didn't include Kobe Beef mainly because of its exorbitant price ranges. I'm a firm believer that not all great tasting fatty beef have to cost a fortune. In my map the restaurants listed serve just as good or better beef than what's served in Kobe. I have had Kobe Beef and it was good, but I personally don't find it worth the hefty price tag. I know of a few more establishments myself, and will add more later. This is just a modest listing.

Japanese beef has quite a long history and is worth a try if you're ever in Japan. How beef is made in Japan has a lot to do with how the Japanese create absolutely the best product out of whatever it is they put their mind to do. This is one of them. Great fatty beef!


  1. Love Japanese beef. My favourites have to be Matsuzaka-gyu, Kobe-gyu and Hida-gyu from Gifu.

    Japan Australia

  2. Japan-Australia - Thanks for the comment. Japanese beef is great.



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