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Tohoku Ganbaro!

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When the Tohoku Hayabusa Shinkansen pulled up at around 8:30am on a beautiful May 4th morning at Tokyo Station, my stomach was so full of butterflies. Just about every train maniac had packed the platform that morning. All of us were snapping photos and recording videos of the interior of the new Hayabusa's different seating classes through the windows. What a moment that was for me.

The top picture was taken at the Tokyo Station and the picture below was taken at the Shin-Aomori Station, the final stop on the Tohoku Shinkansen line.

Regarding how much I love the nose on this train read here

I rode the full length of the Tohoku Shinkansen line from Tokyo Station to Shin-Aomori Station. It took 3hrs and 20min., and from GranClass it was like floating on air, better than air. I was gliding along in a completely different realm of sensual realism and pleasure all combined into one cosmic orgasm. The marriage of technology and years of experience created this bullet train. It is absolutely flawless in every way through tunnels, not even a bump. I had my Canon 40D hanging from the coat hanger and not once did it bump up against the side panel at all. It was the smoothest experience I have ever had next to having a virgin for the first time. IT was great! I was typing away on my twitter and enjoying every view from my window. I got complimentary slippers, a lunch box and a few other goodies. I bought my own nihonshu and special lunch boxes. Walking to the mid section of the train while it's cruising at full speed was easy. I didn't have to grab the seats on the way up. Exceptional customer service, need I say more...?

Arriving at the Shin-Aomori Station, passengers quickly disembarked and rushed to the front of the engine to snap photos of the nose of the Hayabusa! I found it hard to leave the Hayabusa behind. I wanted to ride it one more time. Once I got downstairs I only had a few minutes to get to the next gate. From there I was to take the Shirakami Resort line from Shin-Aomori Station all the way to Akita Sation, about a full five hour stretch. Ladies and Gentlemen, of all the teary eyed train ride docudramas on NHK, no train trip can rival the Shirakami Line from Shin-Aomori to Akita in the Spring! There's just nothing out there that can even come close to this line, except for maybe Toyama's Kurobe train line in Autumn. On a beautiful brilliant warm spring day the cherry blossoms are just simply awesome from the train window.


  1. Love the long nose and it looks really fast!!

    Japan Australia

  2. @japan-Australia - Yes. You can hardly notice when the train is traveling at max speed.



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