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Sun & Skin: Summer is the smell of.....

Summer is the smell of.....

For many, summertime is the smell of freshly mowed green grass.  French fries at the fair.  Cotton candy.  Puppy breath.  Sand and ocean.  And then there's the general fatigue associated with the heat and exhaustion and then you know it's summer.

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I live in Japan now and my olfactions have become keener than when I was living stateside. I have learned to appreciate so much more in terms of sensory stimulation. Like "Y's" sweat, for example. She perspired well for a 27 year old Japanese lady.  I never passed up an opportunity to run my hand up her armpit, and then taking a big nose flaring sniff of my fingers after removing them - divine.

That used to irk her though, but I loved her pit.  Mustiness is another allure of summer I believe. She had the prettiest and fairest taut skin with a nice musty armpit.   Can you imagine that?  It was quite exquisite,…

Corpulent Beauty

Corpulence depicted in Yasushi Tanaka's nudes is another interesting twist in how personal tastes change over time, especially in what most Japanese men find to be utterly repulsive - fat women. Yet, they, the slender woman loving Japanese men would drool in secret, along with the prudes, over the sheer naked sight of a beautiful voluptuous woman and fantasize about what it would be like to be with such a woman, not only reveal an undercurrent of hypocrisy in the modern Japanese male psyche, but also in how erotic beauty is understood in general nowadays.

Mr. Yasushi Tanaka is a Japanese man who is not as widely recognized in the art world as his contemporaries, yet his portrayal of a buxom beauty is without a doubt some of the finest expositions of nudes in his genre. There are others who too have drawn similar depictions of naked beauty on canvas, but to see it from the perspective of a Japanese man is extremely rare. Japanese have always, since antiquity, extolled the virtues o…


Great LunchesSushizanmai

sashimi lunch set plus Shimizu no Mae sake There's a term called morbidly obese. I guess it's what I'm becoming. Why? Because I love food.....?

Tempura fried squid legs The longest held misconception about Japanese cuisine is that's healthy and good for you no matter how much you eat. If I binge on rice and tempura everyday I will get fat if I don't control how much of it I eat. I am not a glowing example of health and fitness at all and I don't want to steal the moment away from this gorgeous lunch set either, but I feel I need to clarify a point here. Firstly, I unhealthily consume unhealthy portions of healthy food on a daily basis, at unhealthy hours of the day. Does that mean that Japanese food isn't healthy? No. In America, I consumed unhealthy portions of unhealthy food at unhealthy times of the day and as a result I became unhealthy. However, I am unhealthier now than at any other time in my life, yet at the …

Ecstasy Lines: Jukujo Eyes

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The Double Life of Veronique by The City of Prauge Philharmonic & Crouch End Festival Chorus Ecstasy lines are what you see when a person is at an intense emotional threshold, typically right when they're about to release an incredible orgasm. I love watching as the eyebrows slowly begin to squeeze the thin area of skin in between them, forming deep wrinkles around the eyelids. Sitting up one night me and one Jukujo were flipping through a Jukujo porn mag. We were counting the number of lines in between the eyebrows. The most we counted from one debutante were four deeply wrinkled creases from a forty year old. I love these lines because they are a true indicator of a heightened emotional state of mind, especially for Japanese women. Western women show pleasure with their eyes slightly shut, and jaws distended. They vocalize more whereas Japanese women hold their emotion in their eyebrows while making little baby noises. I can't stand the bab…

Natsu Sencha

It's summer time again, this time post 3-11, and it's time to get back into reading real books. I'm not ready to give up the smooth feel of a good leather bound softback in my hands, at least not for a handheld metallic electronic reader. A book is a book and is best enjoyed the traditional way, over a nice cup of ice chilled summer tea and a comfortable chair with your favorite music:
Warmed By the Drift by Biosphere.

So in order to kick the hot humid season off right this time I stopped over at my favorite tea shop called Mikuniya Zengoro at the Konandai bus terminal building and hoarded up my favorite teas. I picked up a summer time sencha with it's light wintery minty coolness and fresh herbal balance. Natsu Sencha or Summer Tea is among some of the most popular decocted beverages you can drink in Japan.

Since the 9th Century, the Japanese have really acclimated to the seasons very well. Every season can be enjoyed along with its own unique foodstuffs and beverages …

Summer Namazake

Name:Masumi Namazake
Type: Junmai Ginjo
Availability: April to November
Rice: Miyagi Nishiki
Milling: 55%
Alc: 15%
SMV: +0
Amino acidity:1.2
Serve ChilledI was treated to some very cold summer plums that had been soaked in sake for almost a year. These chilled sour sweet plumes went so very well with the cold summer namazake I had. A nice alternative to the usual rice crackers and salty bits most people usually get if there at home drinking a rice brew.

The unpasteurized liquid goodness when drunk washes away all of the fatigue associated with summer time heat and humidity. Brewed in Nagano where some of the best koji is molded to produces some of the finest complexity in sake in Japan. You don't want to miss this one. Grab a bottle if you get a chance.

The plumes were from my other mother's mother in Fukushima, and no they are not radioactive. Good sake and sake marinated summer plumes may or may not appeal to every palate. The sour sweetness and natural freshness from a namazake may…

Culinary Mastery Through Simplicity

Theme music: Aether by Terra Ambient
Slow Food has come a very long ways I believe, and so has the acquisition of taste according to the modern palate. As people, we recognize order and how things flow on an aesthetic level, regardless of race, socio-economic background, and even education, but do we need to be educated in order to understand common sense...? I feel it's a natural component to our humanity, and so is taste. We do not need to attend the finest culinary colleges in the world to understand good taste, and at how to create and reproduce that taste. Simple is best. I was treated to a very delicious red beans & rice the other night, along with some fried chicken, greens, and corn bread.

I remember Chuck over at the Taproom last night telling me something about how good food comes from simple ingredients and from the heart, and that you didn't need fancy name brand rice and vegetables to produce exceptional dishes. Chuck's amazing ribs and chicken are the best…