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Ecstasy Lines: Jukujo Eyes

Ecstasy lines are what you see when a person is at an intense emotional threshold, typically right when they're about to release an incredible orgasm. I love watching as the eyebrows slowly begin to squeeze the thin area of skin in between them, forming deep wrinkles around the eyelids. Sitting up one night me and one Jukujo were flipping through a Jukujo porn mag. We were counting the number of lines in between the eyebrows. The most we counted from one debutante were four deeply wrinkled creases from a forty year old. I love these lines because they are a true indicator of a heightened emotional state of mind, especially for Japanese women. Western women show pleasure with their eyes slightly shut, and jaws distended. They vocalize more whereas Japanese women hold their emotion in their eyebrows while making little baby noises. I can't stand the baby noises because most often times they come from younger J-women. Jukujo sound far more pleasant to the ears when they are exhibiting pleasure. Kumiko Nobuko( in the top pic) has some of the most well defined facial and ecstasy lines in her genre, and she is also a favorite type of mine; Well-aged, thick, full figured, fair skinned, black hair, big legs and tits.
Earlier today as I was going through my tumblr, I saw all kinds of erotic pictures of women of every age and persuasion showcasing themselves. After scrolling through several dozen pictures of them I became a little despondent at the sheer and total lack of emotion in the pictures I saw. The models were just showy, gaudy and unoriginal and lacked....soul. Where has the soul gone?

("Smile for the camera, talk to the camera, make love to the camera, but at the same time really love the camera, don't just fake it....").

Modern porn lacks a lot the basic fundamentals nowadays. Not enough is conveyed through the picture. Something about their facial expressions, no element of teasing and allurement, just slutty attire that's all too obvious, dead eyes. What happened to the Southern Bell gowns, and contemporary wear? I love how the silk dress flows down Kumiko Nobuko's heavy voluptuous momma body. I also love the choice of dress she's wearing. It's modest yet sexy, not some come-fuck-me stockings, Garter belt, and pumps, or some cheap whore attire. Though the Garter belt was traditionally worn as part of the wedding gown in the past, has now become synonymous with slutty and Euro-trashy and I feel that it takes away from a woman's true form.

Kumiko's attire makes you want to slowly peel away at her piece by piece, section by section. But before that, I like to take a whiff. my favorite place to sniff first is right underneath her chin and neck area, especially on a humid sticky day, the truest scent of a delicious Japanese momma emanates from there, and then slowly removing one large heavy breast from either side and then stepping back just to look at how beautiful her gown accentuates her curves as it struggles to keep form while holding up one of her large heavy breast. I refer to the dress as "it" because it's an entirely different entity so to speak. Sort of a living organism if it's silk. The dress is beautiful if it's draped down a beautiful curvaceous body, and meaningless if it's draped down a formless and flat body.

Licking and kissing is one type of foreplay that Jukujo respond to very well. While fore-pleasure in general is enjoyed by most women, regardless of nationality, I think older Japanese women in general respond much better since often times they are not touched so tenderly as their Western counterparts. Young Japanese girls do not respond so intensely to fore-pleasure because they are too sensitive, and then they giggle an ruin the mood too often with their air-headedness . If I peck at the neck they consider it ticklish, not pleasurable whereas the Jukujo never giggles at a peck, instead she lets out a pleasurable groan of intense longing.

When you are young and beautiful there's no longing for the penis, because every penis wants you and stands up for you. Young Japanese girls can choose a penis like they choose a pair of earrings or shoes, wear it a couple of times then put them aside and forget she even had them. The orgasm isn't special and she doesn't take in the moment like her mother would. Her mother would, after an intense orgasm, lie there quivering and breathing heavily and looking back at you with eyes of appreciation, and even desperation at times. Japanese men aren't keen on fully figured older women. For them it's the young and underdeveloped cute thin types. I just can't imagine life without a Japanese momma with her white flawlessly smooth mammoth tree trunk thighs and heavy breast, and bust line. It's almost sick how the media can promote anorexic flat bodies on the television and not a real woman. I have no television. I'm on strike until the media changes their image of what should be consider beautiful. I know this will never happen, so no television for me.
Jukujo Eyes are all I need to look at....


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