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The Kappogi is a traditional Japanese gown or apron worn by Japanese mama-sans. It was originally worn to protect the kimono from staining when cooking or preparing meals, is now worn with modern attire. The Kappogi is ORIGINALLY a Japanese gown and is essentially the most recognized symbol of the Japanese mom in all of Asia.

The first time I saw one of these gowns was on a gorgeous forty year old Japanese woman. She was organizing lunch for the both of us. She was looking exceptionally radiant that afternoon in her all white kappogi. The vivid golden sunshine was literally pouring into the kitchen that afternoon, which only added to the detail in her gown. There was something about her fair skin, black hair, and skirt that collaged so naturally and so fluidly with the sun's energy. It was a lovely sight. The hot energy in the air, her smile, her bouquet. The smell of onigiri and green tea was lovely.

No blog on Japan would be complete without talking about a traditional piece of gown. This is the first entry I have made on Japanese gowns and won't be the last. In the above picture the lady is wearing a light green kimono whereas in modern day society Japanese women may wear either a skirt, gown or nothing at all if you are lucky. Some women still adorn the light kimono as an undergarment, though. The Kappogi comes in a variety of different colors and patterns, but the best ones are those that are white and simple. Simple is best. Unlike the picture, most momma-sans will wear no tabi, and probably no socks either. In the picture you see the Kappogi in its original form.


  1. I can't believe this woman is already in her 40ies, she looks much younger!
    And, of course, the next will be an naked apron pic of a curvaceous Japanese beauty, right :D

  2. You are reading my mind....hahaha...thanks for commenting.



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