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Summer Namazake

Name:Masumi Namazake
Type: Junmai Ginjo
Availability: April to November
Rice: Miyagi Nishiki
Milling: 55%
Alc: 15%
SMV: +0
Amino acidity:1.2
Serve Chilled

I was treated to some very cold summer plums that had been soaked in sake for almost a year. These chilled sour sweet plumes went so very well with the cold summer namazake I had. A nice alternative to the usual rice crackers and salty bits most people usually get if there at home drinking a rice brew.

The unpasteurized liquid goodness when drunk washes away all of the fatigue associated with summer time heat and humidity. Brewed in Nagano where some of the best koji is molded to produces some of the finest complexity in sake in Japan. You don't want to miss this one. Grab a bottle if you get a chance.

The plumes were from my other mother's mother in Fukushima, and no they are not radioactive. Good sake and sake marinated summer plumes may or may not appeal to every palate. The sour sweetness and natural freshness from a namazake may pass off as a bit too much. I liked it and thought it went well together, in moderation.

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