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Angel Eyes

A very short essay on the best memory of my life in California and why that memory is so special for me. This is a scribd PDF scroll file I'm experimenting with. Angel eye


You'll need to zoom in from the bottom in order to read. This is a short essay about my dinner and how Japanese palates have changed. Dinner

Kumoba Pond

Theme Music: Timeless and Tender, Pt. 1 by Liquid MindKumoba Pond is one of the largest natural ponds in Karuizawa, and is home to a variety of seasonal plants and shrubs. Naturalist and birdwatchers visit here during autumn and summer, not only for the nature, but also to admire the reflection of the color of the sky and trees from the surface of the water. There's a 20~25 minute walking course around the whole pond so you can enjoy the views from a variety of different angles. The whole pond can be seen in less than 40 minutes.Getting there: From Tokyo Station take the Nagano Shinkansen to Karuizawa Station. About an hour. You can rent bicycles nearby the Karuizawa Station exit. The cost is about 500 yen an hour at some shops. Once there we parked our bikes then walked around and got completely absorbed in the green thickness all around us. The walking course took us along narrow dirt paths. Just about every nature spot you visit in Tokyo, you can always see oily freshwater fi…


The two best summer foods in Japan are goma dango [sesame seed sticky rice cake] and kakigori[ shaved ice]. Goma dango served fresh and hot is the best, I think. When I ordered this one it took almost 30 minutes to prepare. Most city dweller types rarely have a chance to try fresh sesame seed dango. I think it's because most dango are pre-made early in the morning then served through-out the day, so the soft warmness become firm and too sticky several hours later. And no. They do not taste the same. There's just something about that hot fresh sticky sesame seed goodness that melts in your mouth first thing in the early afternoon. Soft and chewy textured vs. the old and firm textured processed goma dango is no comparison. The kaki-gori in the above picture is blueberry over shaved ice. The way it was made was with fresh blueberries at the bottom,shaved ice packed over that, then more blueberries on top, so just when you thought the lady didn't add enough berries, there's…

Karuizawa Summer

Theme music for this post: A Summer's Day by Mike Rowland [from 7:20 onward]
Theme music 2 for: Dream Ten by Liquid Mind In Japan there are the four distinct seasons, and for every season there's always a famous scenic spot that Japanese flock to, some in order to escape the heat and sultriness of summer and the concrete slab jungles of Tokyo, while others, to more glorious plateaus that overlook green pastures along low lying valleys stretching deep into the backbone of the countryside. Rolling hills dotted with tiny little hamlets and cottages tucked away here and there, some out of plain view, some in low places, others along unmarked footpaths and waterways. Ancient trees with moss grown thick in them, all lush and green. That's Karuizawa. That famous get away spot for the rich and retired. The place known for its gorgeous golf ranges,densely wooded forests, and ponds.

There we were, me and my other,otherseasoned beauty, met by cool temps and pleasant breezes from the n…

Japan vs. America: The Real Deal

I just got through heaping praise upon one of my oldest friends from bygone days on his recent purchase on a home somewhere, and unfortunately he used that moment of praise to rub it in my face. I'm sure he doesn't consider me his friend at all, and for whatever reason other then fundamental disagreements on how we chose to live our lives.

I remember when he fell on hard times, when he didn't have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw It of. I wasn't there for him when he needed me to be, especially during his time of transition. I could've done more. I could've been more of a friend for him but because of my own unhappiness at home I blew him off . After I had introduced him to his wife to be I thought that would easily make up for my lack, but I was wrong. He had to prove to his soon to be wife that he could be a better man than me, by not taking the same path I took and by not concealing the truth about my search for love and happiness.

He had to be honest …

Hips & Lips: Salarywoman

Theme Music for this post: Timeless and Tender, Pt. 1 by Liquid Mind The model you see on the cover is Asuna Kawai; age 25; 162cm tall; E cup; W60H88. Native of Yamagata Prefecture. Stunning. Don't know if it's me or not, but Japanese salarywomen are the most well-dressed in the morning. There's a Starbucks I used to frequent in Yokohama that had a great outside view. I used to get there at around opening and grab the first morning's brew, then crack open my laptop and catch up with the world. Lovely, I'd lift that large coffee mug up to my nose and then take a nice deep nose flaring sniff, filling my whole nasal cavity up with the aroma of freshly ground coffee and then that hot sip - eyebrows tightened. I was ready after that. Easing back gently into my seat I typed out a few e-mails and enjoyed my morning.

When you frequent the same coffee shop you see a lot of the same faces rolling in every morning at around the same time. I'd see the typical expats passin…