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Echoes From the Right

I saw the new summer hit Thor the other night. Anthony Hopkins starred as Odin, Thor's father, and how befitting with his long flowing white beard that he would play the role of god of gods. It's always nice to see Anglo gods on the big screen because it reaffirms the stereotype that whites are the highest representation of the human being and that they can do no wrong, even when history tells us differently. Amazing how Mr. Hopkins can go from being a psychotic serial murderer to god at the snap of a movie director's blackboard. In the movie, the black god was your typical gate keeper who was guarding the master's homestead[Odin's Kingdom] at the very outer fringes of heaven's gates, whereas the Japanese god was allowed to befriend Thor and to be a part of his inner-circle.

Pecking orders are noticeable in the U.S.A too, where whites typically have more wealth and influence within society and the corporate power structure than other racial groups and are the largest racial group, 300 million I believe. Blacks, according to the "One drop Rule" are the largest racial minority whereas Latino or Hispanic make up the largest ethnic minority. In the movie, Odin, the angry god of war, banished his son, Thor, out of heaven because he lacked "god-like qualities," like patience, fairness, benevolence and wisdom, as if these qualities were ever evident in "whites" in the first place....In order to understand these "white" gods we need to speak their language - the queens English. Since it was Mr. Hopkins speaking the form of English he uses is called Wenglish.

The whole movie had me thinking," being "Anglo" must truly be a multi-billion dollar industry that markets fashion, cosmetics, movies, and television,"....i.e. white worship. Back in the 80s American's used to think Micheal Jackson had bleached his skin in order to appease the media barons in" Jewlywood" when in fact all he really had was a rare skin disorder called vitiligo which caused him to lose his pigmentation. A lot of people in America had suspected there was a grand conspiracy theory out there where racial and ethnic groups were being placed in categories and whites on a pedestal as the ultimate representation of the human being, on screen. When E.T. made is big debut on planet earth thirty years ago he was greeted by throngs of gun toting "whites." Us other racial and ethnic groups were nowhere to be found in that movie. I can see why he wanted to get the hell out of hear so quickly. I don't see why any alien would want to visit or stay here on earth, especially after being cut open and shot at - not even a " welcome to planet earth." I suspect that after Japan fully mixes it's racial stock by 2050, it'll be time for me to look for another planet all together. I fear that once Japan has completely done away with it's largely cultural and spiritual homogeneity that nothing else will be left. Japan will not be as charming and exclusive, so to speak. Japan is the last great paradise on earth for me I feel.

Being white is more than just a skin color or fashion statement, you have to talk the talk. Sort of reminds me of the English language, and how it's represented all over the world. You have to talk "Anglo" in order for your English to sound authentic. If you speak it any other way, then, it's either not English, or you are uneducated. Funny how in England Latin used to be regarded as the language of the educated whereas if you spoke British English you were considered lower class and uneducated. Shakespeare changed all of that.

But what exactly does it mean to sound "white"?

Here in Japan, Japanese spend billions of yen a year on English education. Many want to be able to understand what they hear on the big screen without the use of subtitles. Others look at English as a way to change their mood and to escape reality for an hour or two. For so many, learning the language is an unsurmountable task that's reinforced by their complete and total lack of confidence, and genuine fear of making mistakes. The younger generation sees the acquisition of English skills as a ticket to a better life, in another country, or possibly a career move that they'd been contemplating for so long but lacked the funds to push their dreams through. Many Asians in general have gone to great length to make themselves sounds as "Anglo" as possible, some even opting for tongue surgery in order to enhance their pronunciation ability. White worship is truly a billion dollar industry.

In the end, I hope that Asia, as they begin to grow in influence, will reshape the whole dynamic of beauty, especially as more and more appear on the big screen. I want to hear and see names of Japanese celebs making their mark in Hollywood, like with Ken Watanabe and others. I think Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were a great combination. Mr. Chan was not afraid to bring in a non-anglo actor in a major supporting role, even with the 2010 release of the Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and not that dork Ralph Macchio.

I had a conversation today with a client. He was telling me about his own personal horror story with a white teacher. He mentioned how rude and condescending his teacher was and how he was scarred for life because of it, and so he chose me based off of that one negative experience. It's not the first of such stories I've heard. What's with all the hoity-toitiness with whites in Japan anyways? I've come across a few gems myself while living here. I have had to correct many of them for their sheer lack of respect for the country. You know who you are?

I'm not attacking the pecking order, so to speak. I just think that that order should be re-ordered to reflect a newer more modest face. Someone that appeals to broader audience. Now is the time.


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