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Hips & Lips: Salarywoman

Theme Music for this post: Timeless and Tender, Pt. 1 by Liquid Mind
The model you see on the cover is Asuna Kawai; age 25; 162cm tall; E cup; W60H88. Native of Yamagata Prefecture. Stunning.
Don't know if it's me or not, but Japanese salarywomen are the most well-dressed in the morning. There's a Starbucks I used to frequent in Yokohama that had a great outside view. I used to get there at around opening and grab the first morning's brew, then crack open my laptop and catch up with the world. Lovely, I'd lift that large coffee mug up to my nose and then take a nice deep nose flaring sniff, filling my whole nasal cavity up with the aroma of freshly ground coffee and then that hot sip - eyebrows tightened. I was ready after that. Easing back gently into my seat I typed out a few e-mails and enjoyed my morning.

When you frequent the same coffee shop you see a lot of the same faces rolling in every morning at around the same time. I'd see the typical expats passing by my window, some unkempt and untidy, especially the women, like they'd just rolled out of bed and out the door. The expat men were no better either with their morning glare, like "I'll kill you motherfucka' if you say a word to me" look on their faces. The usual Japanese faces I would see on a daily basis were sharp and smart looking; primly and properly groomed. Business suits neatly creased. Not one single strand of hair out of place, it seemed. I remember seeing two or three very nice looking salary women, both with long legs. The femur of a woman is the most beautiful part of a woman's leg to me. From looking at the subject, from knee to hip bone, her femur was about 18 inches, which is perfect for a men with long torsos, especially if sexing her in half missionary style - it's easier. One Jukujo I shag has 18 inch femurs and since I have broad shoulders and a long torso, missionary works really well for us, especially since I'm top heavy.

Every once in awhile a magazine in Japan comes out featuring something mature and sexy, but most often times not. In this new magazine series called "hip & lip" you can get up close and personal with the subject and her pantyhose. Now, I don't have a pantyhose fetish at the moment, but have always been intrigued at how well Japanese women wear them every single day, that's it. I think pantyhose accentuate the natural curves on a woman and are very fashionable when worn properly.
Let's not confuse stockings with pantyhose, either. Stockings are 'old school' and come in two separate pieces, one for each leg. You roll them up to about thigh level whereas pantyhose is a one - piece garment all together. Pantyhose are sensual and seductive.
For a number of years, I have worked under very powerful Japanese women. Power suits, boots, and killer looks have always been there in front of me. The charm for me is that Japanese women really do infuse so many of the physical and character attributes I love in a woman: Beauty and strength; elegance and refinement; reserve and restrained; docile and assertive in an indirect way. I love playing second to them. I just want to be a good subordinate. I never talk back. [sigh]. My days filled with beautiful black suit clad Japanese power matrons is heaven.

On the flip side, across the pond, I remember my days when I was working customer service in the States. Everyday there was an eye sore that I had to face off with it seemed. Yes. I was intimidated by some of these Hun like American girls barking at me, many with hairy forearms. I won't lie.... I remember this ogre looking lady was trying to get my attention while I was selling a customer on a product. She kept nagging me about something stupid and trivial, can't remember exactly. I had to stop my sales pitch with another customer and chew her out right there in front of my customer and then she ran to get her ridiculous little punk A$$ henpecked husband who I gladly put in his place. Unbelievable at how some guys walk around looking for some respect with their heads up high and proud of such a hideous looking beast of wives. Guys like him make me sick - and this guy has to wake up to her. I can see why he drinks so heavily. Overwork doesn't send you to the grave, a painful to look at eye soar will, though!

I hope that all of my female bosses are Japanese - forever. And not because they're a necessarily kinder, but because they are power pump strutting JapanESE. If you had to create the ideal boss in your head, what would he or she be!? What physical or mental qualities would they have?


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