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Anatomy of Jukujo

Essay in PDF on the Anatomy of Jukujo. All photos are Safe For Work. A good broad look at Japan's finestAngel Apron

Summer Sake

Short piece on ジョウゼンsummer sake for 2011. One of the charms of living in Japan is that there are so many seasonal specialties, like sake, and food stuffs all year round. Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi truly has ... Summer Sake

Dr. Thug M.D.

The PDF below is a brief essay on Bill Clinton and his latest diet craze, and how sometimes healthy dieting trends breed unhealthy lifestyles. The file below can be zoomed in and scrolled from the side bar.

Asama Onsen: Higashi Ishikawa Ryoukan

PDF file that you can enlarge near the bottom. This is a very short essay about an onsen ryokan I stayed at and enjoyed very much. Higashi Hotel

The Black Castle

Another PDF file on Matsumoto Castle in Nagano highlights the history of this region. The file below can be enlarged and scrolled for your viewing pleasure. This is a brief introduction to a fantastic castle. Mat Sumo To

Nawate Street: The Frog Story

This is a short piece on Nawate Street with a few pictures of frogs and a shrine. This is another PDF file, so all you have to do is scroll and zoom in on the article. Nawate

Taiko Beat!

This is an essay on Japanese Taiko. I recently returned from a trip in Nagano and had a chance to listen to my first Taiko performance. Many of the performers were from Tohoku. I posted a short essay in PDF so you can zoom in and out, and scroll own. taiko

Kuriya Jube

This is a short piece on a sake pub I visited in Matsumoto city on July 31 2011. The sake pub is famous for having great local jizake, locally brewed sake, and delicious food. I chose from a long list of great pubs, and this one came highly recommended for all the right stuff below.... Jube

Togakushi Shrine: Cryptomeria Avenue

This is an essay on my recent trip to one of Japan's most venerated shrines in Nagano Prefecture. Home to the largest cedar avenue in the world and a sacred power spot that millions of Japanese flock to yearly. The file format is in PDF so you can scroll or adjust it whichever way you choose. Enjoy. Togakushi Shrine