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Flavor of the Month: Roots

PDF on the flavor of the month and the exploration of higher stimulation through the liquid essence of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Flavor of the Month

Interstate 101 Ooiwa Beach

PDF on my journey to Aomori down interstate 101 Ooiwa, Fukaura,sea of Japan, sea scallops and my impressions of the area.

The Landscape of Shirakami

A very short on going series in PDF on Shirakami's Landscape with some additional tidbits of information about hiking.

Shirakami 2: Lake Juniko

A PDF of my journey to Lake Juniko in the Shirakami Unesco World Heritage in Aomori Prefecture, home to the largest Seibold Beech forest in Japan. juniko

Michinoku Onsen Route 101 Part 2

Sea of Japan's 101 coastal road is replete with numerous spas and beautiful vistas. I took a drive down that way and enjoyed an incredible onsen.

Shirakami Fall Foliage Part 1

Special thanks to the host of the this month's matsuri                        NAture's splendor  AUtumn Trees Tangible goodness Unspoiled nature Mother nature November Matsuri 2011 Fall foliage hike in Aomori Prefecture's Shirakami Sanchi, a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, home to the last great virgin beech forest.

Travel Update in Shirakami

No WiFi in the sticks! I am using a 3G network I hot jacked to transfer this poorly processed PDF from my notebook PC. You'll need to zoom from your own browser to read this.

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Femi-Nazi Agenda

PDF file. The rise of the new femi-christian movement in Japan and the negative impact on the country. femi-nazi