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Willer Express

So I rode the Willer Express this time around; a highway bus for budget travelers. Starting from as low as 3500 yen to 7000 yen travelers can choose their destination and luxury grade for wherever they want to go. There are many other bus companies, like JR for example which have similar prices.
The reason I went with Willer is because of the convenience. I can go to their English website and order my ticket then pay for it either by credit card or at any convenience store. I ordered using my iPhone. Access Safari then Google Willer Express then type in your information and within minute you'll receive confirmation.

At the convenience store you'll need to ask the clerk to help you print out the invoice from their automated reservations machine. Make sure you show the special code number from your email invoice, or lolli number
Willer Express bus seats are about 86cm from hip to foot, so basically if you're tall no leg rest for you. If you are fat, like over a hundred kg, then no problem as long as you are not sitting next to anyone.... Must routes are not fully booked so you should be able to move around. Most buses have no toilets so you have to keep that in mind. There're two stops along every route.

Also, when you're riding nightly routes the bus driver wakes you up at every stop. Afternoon routes, no.
The ride is comfortable. My luxury grade was theater seating which means my seat was fully equipped with an entertainment deck. I watched movies and played video games.
Unlike bullet trains, you don't have people pushing food carts around. And you may not have a tray table.
I didn't have one. I had a road station bento for this trip called Masu no Sushi, a salmon fish cake!

Basically, if you are looking for a very cheap and convenient way to travel in Japan then I highly recommend Willer.

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  1. Is this orange coloured food is from fish?


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