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Tsukioka Onsen: Permeation of the Soul

I have penetrated something deep at the psychic core of something.    When a human being dies we do not have the facts about where it goes, but we do have a notion of a grand scheme of things.   We contend that the soul either ascends or descend based off of a merit system on earth; good vs. evil, and so forth and so on.   If we do good deeds god will take us to heaven to be with him, if we don't we descend into the underworld where Virgil resides.    Some believe souls are stagnant and roam the earth forever; earth bound for eternity and never able to elevate to another resonance.      We cannot prove this with our own instruments of science.   We just have to accept what's in our gut and follow the right path.

In my travels through-out this country I have always felt another presence.   I have always felt there were stagnant souls roaming around hither and thither, unbounded yet bounded.   Countless untold numbers of souls, here in Japan.   I have visited and have walked amo…

Sake No Jin

{Theme music for this post:  The Lifelines; Taku, Maynard Plant, Wise.}

2012 Niigata Sake Fair

Sake no Jin is a sake fair held in Niigata every year in March where all the great sake breweries showcase the best of  the best rice brews in the world.     Niigata Prefecture, two hours outside of Tokyo, is regarded as the motherlode of premium Japanese rice wine.  More premium grade rice wine is produced in Niigata than in any other prefecture in Japan.    It is from this region that the very best sake are produced, thanks in part to the rigid cold winters, delicious mountain water,  and abundant rice fields.    The people, too.

Over 80,000 visitors showed up this year as last years Sake no Jin was cancelled due to 3-11.   This was a big comeback year for the industry as a whole  with over 90 of the best sake producers in the  world, each with their own special jizake / local sake.  There was even a sake brewer from Texas!?    It is by far the largest sake fair I …

Scrapbook Series 2: Spring Cleaning

I succeeded in thoroughly cleaning out my library.    While cleaning I was listening to all the streaming videos from NHK over  3-11.   I like how Japanese say they are victims of radiation due to having nuclear power plants.  Perhaps the stupidest comment ever when this lady came on claiming how her and her child were victims.    How can you be a victim when you consume so much energy?   You shop  at these hyper malls in the Ginza and in Tokyo that consume millions of watts of electricity with their fancy illuminations.   You expect to have your 24 hour vending machines and 24 hour convenience stores open  everyday.   Your mass transit networks consume  millions of watts of electricity daily none stop.  Your ass is at the public bath houses ever evening soaking it up with the elders and using all of this digit equipment and super computers.  Everything in Japan is automated, even the goddam doors and toilets!  I can't even remember the last time I flushed a toilet manually here. …

Scrapbook of Japan

I've done this once before when I had first discovered the wonders of Google Earth.  Once in a blue moon I like to clean out my study; and discovering so many things I had completely forgotten about I decided to put a few things together.     I think a scrapbook is in the works and what I'll do is post up a little history about the evolution of SofJ.  

The number one excuse foreign nationals use when asked about why they  came to/moved to Japan is all the same.   One popular reason "I came here to be with my 'Japanese' girlfriend/wife/fiancé.   Another good reason is because of the green tea, and onsen.   I came here for the kabuki and  Mt. Fujii.   I came here because I wanted to go shopping in Tokyo, and the list goes on and on."   I'm no different.   I came for all the same reasons listed above too.     You remember why you came here?  

The first few weeks in Japan was epic, like it still is to this day.  The first Japanese Budo I got into was Aikido…