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Rage Against the Prudes

So the irony is is that though we tout anorexic standards of beauty, we are the most obese nation on the face of the planet!   America ( clearing my throat).   Japan touts the same, but for the most part practices what it preaches.   Anorexia" is" what it sells here, and then some.    There's no shortage of that, but I say " enough is enough!"     Lovers of thick "pyknic" asian women must unite.   But before that we must know our enemies and the neo-femi-political structure they have created to shame the naked beauty of the female body.  Of course runway models  are fully clothed and starving, yet the femi-agenda doesn't stand up against this, or at least not nearly as much as they do when they're lashing out at us lovers of the flesh because in their eyes its ' sex discrimination.'    

Feminist generally look down on so-called feminist models too,  even if they are not anorexic.   This is because the modeling industry plays into the patriarchal paradigm that is so damaging to how a female should look and carry herself - fat or skinny doesn't matter.  Whether it's censorship of porn or jaundice looking runway models, the feminist have no right encroaching on  basic freedoms, nor on how a woman chooses to live her life whether it be in front of a camera, or behind it, if you know what I mean.    The bottom line is women have to live their lives in a way they feel most comfortable.   If a woman chooses to show skin then let her, if she chooses to be anorexic because  SHE wants to be, and not so much because someone else told her to be, then it's none of my business.   But, if she is that way because a man or a woman told her she must be that way in order to be considered beautiful then I'm against it.   

I like thick asian women, it's a personal preference, but that doesn't mean I am trying to be offensive to skinny women if they choose to be dangerously thin because of someone else's distortion of beauty.    Most Japanese women who are not eating normally is because their boyfriends told them not to get fat, or because the media enforces these types of demands upon them.    What the media should be reinforcing is good eating habits and exercise, and should allow some forms of soft porn to help foster a better understanding of the human body; you have well fed women and you have slim women - everybody's  body is different.   You should love who you are.  

The degree of prudery that is most notable in Western countries is even evident here in Japan - a none Anglophone nation, by the way.   There is a small, yet vocal cadre of feminist in this country who  do not like it when I post up photos of delectable  looking Japanese women.   They think it's sexist and misogynistic.   This could be attributed to their lack of attention as most Western men here in Japan would rather pursue the locals.   Perhaps if I posted up pictures of anorexic women draped in these horrible gowns we could call that socially acceptable as long as there is no skin showing.    

Purple Fist of the Feminist Agenda

Ever since the heyday of the feminist agenda of the 70s, womens' groups have been strong proponents of censorship, and have fought pro-modeling feminist and adult entertainment industry professionals relentlessly for over 30 years!   The late Andrea Dworkin was one of the most vocal opponents of porn whose efforts saw to the conception of an anti-pornography ordinance ban against flesh magazines and videos, which the U.S. Supreme Court rightfully struck down on the grounds of it being unconstitutional on free speech grounds.     

The biggest problem with the feminist agenda is their constant fear of sex discrimination and the victimization of women like in the Lovelace vs. Traynor case.    Porn breeds violence against women and so it should be either stopped or heavily regulated.    Or even worse, fear of the urban legend snuff films myths.    It's the knee jerk reactions like this that reinforce self hate and victimization amongst women in a mostly male dominated society, and eventually hatred of all men.   But I can't help wonder who's right and whose wrong in all of this.    You cannot take away nor curb a basic American freedom because of  a group of abused and battered women.    These extreme actions are not all centered around the feminist movement.   Some evangelicals  have sided with some feminists groups to restrict certain freedoms of expression.      I wonder where was  justice when Joseph Paul Franklin pulled the trigger on Mr. Flint?   Some prudes can be downright evil, man or woman.    There's plenty of hate to go around.

Time went on, freedom prevailed.    Since the early nineties the porn industry took off and has been going through a transitionary period from soft to hardcore porn - even extreme porn in some instances.   This is because the masses have grown tired of the same old B rated melodramatic cliches that ruin  porn videos.     There is no shortage of amazing porn candy out there, but the sheer lack of creativity from young producers is what has been lacking.     Gonzo porn is fast becoming the new porn!   Reality porn which is more centered on realistic  situations rather than the usually Adam & Eve production style porn videos that bored us to sleep half way through the film.   Hurray for freedom!   We can thank the legendary Gunn Brothers, Bang Bus, and Mr. John Stagliano for pioneering these two genres.   

We can thank the Japanese Adult Video industry (av) for leading the way in producing some of the strangest and more original themes the adult film industry.    Thank god they're finally getting their act together.   Here in Japan major film makers are changing to reflect a more busty genre of women.  

Hakuto Corporation
  • A-BOX
  • ABC (Art Body Collection)—"big-bust" models
  • Animalijo
  • Anna and Hanako (アンナと花子)—specializes in lesbian videos
  • Arashi-Supergirl (嵐を呼ぶスーパーガール)
  • Aroma Planning (アロマ企画)—specializes in more extreme "maniac" videos
  • Art Video (アートビデオSM)—features S&M and bondage videos
  • Attackers (アタッカーズ)—known for simulated rape and S&M material
  • Aurora Project Annex (オーロラプロジェクト アネックス)
  • AV Refugees (AV難民)
  • AVS
  • BeFree
  • Beauty
  • BI (美)
  • Bravo
  • CineMagic (シネマジック)—specializes in S&M and bondage
  • consent (コンセント)
  • Cross (クロス)
  • DAS (ダスッ!)—produces simulated rape and humiliation videos
  • Digital Ark (デジタルアーク)
  • Dogma (ドグマ)—specializes in various extreme fetishes
  • E-BODY
  • EDGE (エッジ)
  • Emmanuelle (エマニエル)—mature women
  • Euro Star
  • F&C (エフアンドシー)—anime
  • FA Pro (FAプロ)
  • Goemon (五右衛門)
  • Goro Tameike (溜池ゴロー)—mature women videos
  • graphis (グラフィス)
  • Hayabusa Agency (隼エージェンシー)
  • Hajime-Kikaku (はじめ企画)
  • Himawari Kikaku (ひまわり企画)
  • Hyakka Bijin (百花美人)
  • IdeaPocket (アイデアポケット)
  • Inflagranti Japan (インフラグランティ)—specializes in S&M fetish movies
  • Kakkoii! (カッコイイ!)
  • Karma (カルマ)
  • kawaii
  • kichu
  • Kira☆Kira
  • Kitagawa Production (北川プロ)—videos portraying S&M and FemDom
  • M's Video Group (エムズビデオグループ)—specializes in bukkake and gokkun material
  • Madonna (マドンナ)—specializes in "mature" women
  • MARIA—mature housewife videos
  • Marx Brothers (マルクス兄弟)
  • Men's Heaven
  • Milkyprin (みるきぃぷりん♪)—known for "big-bust" models
  • Miman (未満)
  • Moccori Television (もっこりテレビ)
  • Momotaro (桃太郎映像出版)—comprises a group of independent producers
  • Moodyz
  • Mousouzoku (妄想族)—specializes in "big-bust" models
  • Muku (無垢)—produces videos with "schoolgirl" models
  • Munekyunkissa (胸キュン喫茶)
  • Muteki
  • OPPAI—featuring "big-bust" models
  • Opera (オペラ)—specializes in scat fetish videos
  • Otsuka-Floppy (大塚フロッピー)—specializes in scat fetish videos
  • Platina (プラチナ)
  • Premium (プレミアム)—specializes in stylish glamour videos
  • Ran-Maru (乱丸)
  • RED (レッド)
  • ROOKIE—produces featured actress videos
  • RYUGUJYO (竜宮城)—amateur actress videos
  • S1 No. 1 Style (エスワン ナンバーワンスタイル)—glamorous AV Idols
  • SexiA (セクシア)
  • Shinoda Project (しのだ)
  • Style Art (スタイルアート)
  • Suppin (すっぴん)—amateur actresses
  • Tokyo Special (東京スペシャル)
  • Toyohiko Project (豊彦)
  • U&K—specializes in lesbian videos
  • V (ヴィ)
  • VENUS—mature women videos
  • Yellow Movie (イエロー)
  • ZONE

                                     So what's with this blog promoting Jukujo??

(" In order to protect them....As long as the standards of beauty remain anorexic women will always be trapped into one standard of beauty.    The rise of Jukujo porn serves to present another form of beauty, and a healthier appreciation for fuller and thicker women.   Most Japanese women walk around ashamed of their own bodys' natural development.. It needs to be changed in order to reflect a healthier standard of physical beauty")


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