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Salophillia T-153 / B-98(H) / W-63 / H-92

Theme Music: Takumi

Every now and then a great musician like Matsutani Suguru comes along with a wonderful piece on beauty.  The kanji, the title of the song, is  written in literally means artisan, or eminent beauty. When it's played  with a slow tempo it sounds lovely.   Japanese are all familiar with Takumi, one of the greatest piano compositions ever written.   NHK uses this same musical score on its Sekaimachi program, and a few other CMs.  The piece itself is a household name already, and when listened to, evokes a sense of beauty - Japanese beauty.

And then there's Helios by Eingya composed by Keith Kenniff another pianist, which falls under the category of Ambient music, a rare genre that's beginning to get more attention.      I own both of these CDs.    Both pieces are best enjoyed with stereo headphones.    Which brings me to my topic.

On the way home today I stopped through for my bi-annual porn store visit to check out some DVDs.   I promised myself I would do the research before I even came here, but figured what the hell, just a quick peek.   Didn't find what I wanted, so as I was heading out this Helios piece came over the speakers.   Wow!  I remember purchasing this CD a year ago, and at that time nobody knew about it, now it's  on the air.   I remember after burning both the Takumi and Helios CDs and then uploading them to Apples iTunes Match service I had used I wasn't able to access them, so for months I had to dig around Apple to search for file locations.  I use three different Apple logins, but the one where I connect my Mastercard is connected with the U.S. store, not Japan iTunes store. According to Apple, you can only download from either account every 90 days now.  What a pity, so when I heard it over the store speakers it was music to my ears.    Once the song had reached 3:10 I stopped and couldn't leave the store; sweet piece with guitar and drum snared me.     I stopped and went back to the Jukujo section.    I started digging for something to match the mood of this musical piece.   I knew that producer director Kotaro Amamiya wouldn't disappoint.   There I found Yukari Orihara.   Takumi accentuates every slippery curve and angle of the Jukujo, and Helios is the sun energy that exudes from her bosom.     She's also here

Salophilia is not a paraphilia!   They are completely different in nature.   Salophilia is the attraction to salt or human body sweat.   Paraphilia is a deviant whereby a person is attracted to non-human objects, in a sexual way.   We've cleared that up.   I do have an attraction to females that sweat, here.     There is simply nothing like the hot sweaty goodness of a thick mineral rich Japanese Jukujo.    Never let anyone tell you differently.    It's time for the prudes to crawl back into their caves at about this point, wherever they are. 

Yukari is an earthbound women, a mother, a wife, a Jukujo.   She's O type.  She's natural and her physical breakdown is breathtaking.   I love her dimensions.   She is the envy of all Japanese women here in Japan, and in the diaspora ( nuclear refugees in Canada).   It's time to save Japan.   We all know only the Jukujo can do this.   

The title of the DVD is "Moma the Air conditioner is broken."   The title is suggestive of J-momma's boys' over dependence on their mothers for everything.    Real men would never complain to a  woman over a broken machine, they would simply either  repair it themselves, or buy a new one.   But I guess I would be calling myself out, now wouldn't I?    My other Jukujo had to look out for me when I was attacked by a lone bee up at the shrine in Togakushi.   I was frozen stiff cause I didn't want to get stung.   I have never gotten stung before.   It was embarrassing  having her fight the bee for me then opening the door to put me in the car in front of onlookers.    Or, the time when my Hokkaido mother had to put the snow tire chains on the car in the winter when we were vacationing up in Gunma because I didn't understand the i-joint mechanism.   Oyaji was dagger eyeing me the whole time up ahead, and was probably calling me all sorts of names.    The Japanese mother is fully capable of doing everything!  They are smarter and stronger; learn faster; and  are more patient than Japanese men.   They are the soul of Japan.   

Kotaro has always been gifted as a producer in bringing out these exact same qualities in his videos.   The Jukujo is always the can-do mom with a solution for everything.   And so naturally.   One thing I really love is that the sex scenes  take a long time to get to, and there's plenty of dialog and context in what he does.     Every boy has a fear that someone will see and make fun of his erection.   In this DVD, there's a small scene with this, but the mother is always reassuring the boy that it's okay, and it's normal to bulge for momma in private.   This is a beautiful bonding.   The whole DVD builds up to more and more eroticism so perfectly.   I have experienced this on numerous occasions where my J-mom claps her hands and praises me for achieving tumescence, and saying things like " waaahhh....sugoi....good boy!"  Something I achieve very naturally, she praises it.    Only a Jukujo would do that, just like Kotaro portrays it in this DVD.   

The nature of the "haha -oya" or momma's boy is very common in Japan.   Japanese mothers do tend to obsess over their boys and dote endlessly over every facet of their life.   When these boys grow into men, they seek out partners who have the very same qualities as their mothers.    Oya - baka - chinchinchin  is the Japanese label  of these doting mothers whom I love and seek after.   But unfortunately they are nearing extinction, and rather than talk about  it I'll continue to remain positive, and optimistic.    Us J-momma's boys guard our J-mothers with our lives against the foul over westernized Japanese woman who forgot the meaning of 'looking after the boys'.   Me and my black bus brother understand the need to protect the image of Japanese women from our mixi days and against  Hallyu and all the other junk that's poisoning the hearts of Japanese women via channel 8.   Scroll near the bottom of the Hallyu post.    I rarely ever take my J-momma out to mingle in Tokyo.  I'm over protective, as most J-mommas boys are quite naturally.    So what if I order a bottle of wine for lunch for me and my J-momma...?   Why is it any of your business we have such a good time together.   Isn't there any passion in your room?

The whole video is shot with hot sweaty summer scenes where the mother is always over sweating.     Of course Yukari always looks good sweaty, like every voluptuous J-mother should.    I have experience sniffing and petting the sweaty, if the word is used as a noun instead of an adjective.    I love the aroma of womanhood on a Japanese mother more than a rose.    Another thing that's alluring is the Angel Apron.    In order to understand the meaning of Angel Apron  read down the whole PDF in the link above.

Her bubbly nature, smile, and facial bone are gorgeous.    The only draw back is the rape scene, but I guess if Kotaro hadn't added this element he would not appeal enough to his Japanese patrons.    There is a silent Jukujo boom occurring as we speak, and all of it was started by me almost 8 years ago.   The reason why Jukujo is known is because of me.  I am the founder of the Jukujo keyword in the blogosphere, and the only true authority on the subject in the world.    

"Kizuna" to all the Jukujo boys out there.  We must protect our ideal  Japanese women!


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