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Tohoku Volunteerism: Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

 White refugees , Japanese Nuclear Refugees , Missionary invasions.

"Where there's a need in the world, I will go!"   "The people of Japan need me!"  " We quit our job, sold our dog, and now we are on our merry little way to help the poor little Japanese !"   "We need to round up the animals, too" America is no longer my home because we have a black president.  I am stateless and need an escape.  Voices from the volunteers....    

Me, so what are your long term intentions?  Them, " well, we are going to live here permanently.   Japan needs us.   I need to stay here and help them, even though I cannot speak the local language and in spite of there being an enormous need in my own  country"   I'm just going to rummage around where they need me.   I have no intentions of ever going back to my country.   I love Japan so much.  Maybe I can teach English, or get by with donations....I have a small savings, but it's expensive living here.   Maybe the Japanese government can offer some handouts.   

The conspiracy :

Scare the Japanese,  make them lose faith in their own government.    The poor Japanese abandon their homes and flee in fear because the media is relentless in their fear and smear against government officials and Tepco and Fukushima.   The Japanese media IS the Western media.    And there IS no difference.   A Mike Wallace style idiotic interrogation style method against well to do people, like the president of Tepco ad the prime minister.  There are cultural norms here that need to be followed.

Nuclear flight response.   Let's go to Canada.   There's no future for us nor Japan.   I'm a stupid Japanese. Here's some gas, take a whiff, let's commit suicide....Or, better yet, let's jump in the front of a speeding train.  Open your fucking eyes, Japan is the homeland and it's beautiful country.

White compassion(ist) migrate to Japan to fill the void left by the  desolation.  For all we know it was a White God in the sky who allowed 3-11 to happen to the bad Japanese, just ask televangelist Billy Graham.   White man rapes Japanese souls with their gifts and charitable works,  breed with them and repopulate Japan, and weaken the institutions here.    Could this be  the real intention of their charitable misgivings, even though the Japanese government hasn't even officially invited them here?   They choose to lay down roots and establish themselves like they did in Niseko, Nagasaki, and in Okinawa!!!   And then threaten the homogenous fabric of the land.   But it's charity.   But charity has other motives, too.  Just ask the negro.   It has always been that way.  Just ask the negro twice, and again, and maybe even the Navajo, whomever is left.

Next thing you know they'll be asking for payback and then entitlements, and maybe even special status.   You owe us now, even though you didn't invite us, you owe us for our charity.    We deserve to be acknowledged because we are white and benevolent.   We helped you, so now help us!   Because you owe us, even though you didn't officially ask us!   

If we set up a charity then we can receive  money from other charitable organizations, like churches, and non-profit organizations.   We can do good for the Japanese in the beginning, but later we will sink our paws into their infrastructure and local government, and most of all real estate.    We well interfere with their local economy for their own good, because they know no better.   "Prrraaayy for Japppan"  you dumb ass.   Only the pagan xenophile would spout of such nonsense.  

It's always nice in the beginning, wait you'll see.

I am a white American, and I have a bleeding heart mentality for all the suffering peoples of the world, even though it was me that caused all of it  through centuries wars.     White America enjoys 75% of the worlds wealth, but only make up 25% of the worlds  population.    How can I possibly be the problem for most of the worlds ills......I scratch my fucking head.    It must be manifest destiny.

But, nevertheless, I am white and I know what's best for you, so open up your fucking doors, for if you don't I will condemn you and brand you as a terrorist nation, or, even worse an apostate and undemocratic.   If we are partners than you are obliged to follow my line of rhetoric or we will take away your prosperity.     I am the moral judge!!!

What should be done:

Volunteer groups should be organized, controlled and monitored by Japanese government officials only, so that things are done the Japanese way.     Focus should be clean up and disposal efforts ONLY.  Not setting up animal shelters without a fucking license.   Foreign volunteer groups can't just roam around doing whatever the fuck they want to do with their fucking badges of charity, and they shouldn't be living and repopulating here either.   Tohoku is the pride of Japan, you cannot have white people, or any other people repopulating it - never.

I saw those hideous looking boats that were donated from Operation Blessing.  Remove those goddam stickers off the sides of those hideous looking boats.   What the fuck is the problem?    Enough with cheaply made garbage passed off as charity!   Why do you need to receive credit for donating those boats!?  Is it really charity when all you want is attention you fuck!?    Only The Japan Fisheries knows what kind of boats are best for Japanese fishermen.   Can't believe NHK was covering that stories and all that outpouring of support with those big stickers all over the sides.   They should've just reallocated  boats from Niigata, Nemuro in Hokkaido, Tomokumai, and Chiba Prefecture.

Japanese government need to stop receiving all this cheaply made and poorly thought out charity.    Do not let all these strange fucking foreign organization in to Japan!!    Guard  your  borders!  Haven't you learned anything from the past.    These are wolves in sheeps clothing, and you can't even see it!

Land Restrictions:   Do not sell land to foreign entities, protect your national preserves  and grasslands.   Do not become like another Karuizawa or a Zimababwe :

What Saitama is doing, because they were ahead of the game.

What the  government should be preventing could be read here in Niigata, but they were too late.

Do not be blinded by false charities.   

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