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Daughter of Echigo

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words like when I'm  looking into the eyes of a proud father  posing together  with his daughter.    It's pictures like this that are truly memorable and natural.    There is nothing he wouldn't do for her, yet there is nothing he could possibly  do to control her fate.   He cannot choose for her who to love either.   That's a choice she has to make.

Talking to her the other day was a real treat.   She approaches me and instantly I knew that she bore the energy of something foreign in nature, yet in fact she is 100% Japanese; meaning both parents are of the same racial stock.    So we chatted it away after I finished eating.    She kindly took my tray and wiped my table then handed me my bill.   We spoke in English and Japanese together.   I had asked if her husband was a foreigner.    She said "yes" and that he was from Thailand.     It was easy to detect something about her that was not so Japanese just by the vibe she g…


Japan Update:

The big four "O"!  I have just turned forty and can't believe I made it this far.    There once was a time in my life when I didn't even want to live past 30, but here I am.   After much introspection I have come to the  conclusion that given a second chance to relive my youthful years the only thing I would have changed is my waist size.    The painful years created the circumstances for me to meet the most significant human beings in my life, so it would be like shooting myself in the foot if I said I wish I had never met certain people.    My X is the reason I was able to meet the true love of my life, and the main reason why I am driven to define and redefine what Japan means to me, and what I hope it means to others.  I want to influence others to realize this.      Past hurts and pains have shaped my perceptions of life and human interactions, even though I still resent most  of the people I had met and known in my youth.   I survived most of them…

Wisteria Floribunda: Ashikaga Park

The first time I ever really appreciated or even seen up close this flowering plant was in Ito City in Shizuoka Prefecture at the famous Rinsenji Temple - there are a few other temples with the same name, so just remember Rinsenji is the one in Ito, and it is the  (りんせんじ temple) - with the  floribunda variety.     Although the actual plant was named after an anglo, the Japanese have been cultivating this flowering plant for centuries before, and was even introduced to North America by a Westerner.    How can one man lay claim to a  name for a flower anyway?   In Japan we call it "Fuji".

As the sun began to wane, and the last vestiges of its great energy shone hues of  gold and orange across the evening sky.   Images of a time long gone, and faded jubilees and sweet kisses.   And sweet nothings.    The naked flower for, example.  It's already beautiful just as it is.  No need to adorn it.  Such as the wisteria with its long and slender vines, and soft pedals lain across tr…

A Rant: Asian Purity

You impregnated a Japanese girl?   Can't believe this is the same fuck head who planted a booger on the back of my jacket without me noticing it.   Man, you've got some real fucking issues going on up there in that head of yours.   I would kick your ass right here in this classroom, but knowing that if I did I could face expulsion.    You are a student from China so we all know how the California UC system favors them, and the other foreign  nationals who can barely speak English and can't write an essay or keep up in the debate classes.    You and I are not friends.     Can't believe you would whisper in my ear that you impregnated a Japanese girl  over the summer when you were visiting Japan, and then disappeared on her leaving her to look after your spawn.   I hope she aborted it, then we could both laugh through crooked teeth of that pure act.    I see now what's really going on.   Like that article in the junk press about Chinese guys outperforming Japanese bo…