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Japan Update:

The big four "O"!  I have just turned forty and can't believe I made it this far.    There once was a time in my life when I didn't even want to live past 30, but here I am.   After much introspection I have come to the  conclusion that given a second chance to relive my youthful years the only thing I would have changed is my waist size.    The painful years created the circumstances for me to meet the most significant human beings in my life, so it would be like shooting myself in the foot if I said I wish I had never met certain people.    My X is the reason I was able to meet the true love of my life, and the main reason why I am driven to define and redefine what Japan means to me, and what I hope it means to others.  I want to influence others to realize this.      Past hurts and pains have shaped my perceptions of life and human interactions, even though I still resent most  of the people I had met and known in my youth.   I survived most of them, even though they wanted to put me in an early grave -  sap suckers and do-gooders and religious zealots.      I am more focused now.    

When I was gazing up at the annular eclipse last weekend, and marveling at its wonder, and at how a yellow glowing object 93 million miles away could provide the earth with nourishment and life, I was humbled.   It's the same sun the Inchan and the ancient peoples of Asia used to worship and where other humans were once sacrificed in order to appease the gods.   It was the same glowing sun that  rose against the negroes purple bruised  back as they toiled away in the fields.      I was also  reminded of how small and insignificant we all are as a species and about how petty and self important we are as people.   People make life dreary and unbearable is what I see when I look around me.    But I guess people have to be told what to do and how to think and when they do not live up to society's expectations they are ostracized.    People need to be led around.   People want to belong to a group. People want to belong to something, anything.   Last night I went drinking with a group of Japanese at a local tavern.    We lubricated the wheels of social interaction with beer and sake, it was a great time had.    What really surprised me though was that the people who claimed to not drink sake drank it that night when they were with me.   Especially the women who normally drink cocktails, drank down bottles of sake with me.   It was my presence  that motivated this action.    I am glad I was able to influence  them, especially the Japanese ladies to drink the rice brew, and to enjoy it.  

Japan is the most easily influence country on the planet, I think.   This country is the biggest importer of culture in Asia.   Japan imports its music, ideas, and ideals from overseas.    Even beauty is imported.  Japan is constantly being invented and reinvented, and in some instance at a cost far greater than it can bare.   When the youth shun the old ways and traditions of their ancestors for more Western ideals, and where being mindless is more charming than being mindful, you know the influences have really taken its toll.     I seek to influence.  I have sought to influence through my rhetoric and dogmas, and occasional pragmatisms.    Japanese are naturally influenced by Westerners, so it's incumbent upon foreign nationals to set the proper example.   How?   Create the proper perception of reality.   "white worship" is a term that's loosely used to denote the sense of entitlement 'whites' feel when they travel abroad.   Negroes have the same sense of entitlement sickness they borrow from whites, especially when they are in their company and are traveling abroad with them.  

The thing I try to focus on the most when interacting with Japanese is about how much they know and understand themselves.   I want to dispel  whatever misconceptions they have of America and Americans, I want to challenge their perceptions about how they view themselves and how the world views them.   I want to ask them questions they have never been asked before.   I want to stimulate them in  way that causes them to say to themselves "Why did he ask me that?"  

Sort of reminds me of the friend / enemy dynamic.  The fat guy always has good looking male friends, and the gorgeous looking woman always has the ugly friends.   The fat man's enemy always tells the fat guy what he doesn't want to hear whereas the fat man's friend tells the fat guy what he wants to hear.   Things like " ooh, you have a good heart.  Don't change"  or  "You're fat!   Loose weight!"    The so-called friend never forces introspection whereas the enemy always keeps the focus on the central problem of the fat guy.    It's no secret that the only reason this dynamic exists is because less competition is best, yet the fat guy/girl doesn't see it that way.    They actually think the good-looking person is truly interested in their friendship when in fact it's all about preserving the feeding ground.

Which brings me to my Jukujo of the day.    A student once told me that I could never influence him.  I told him that I have influenced him, and in ways he hasn't even begin to realize.   My foot print may be small, but it's there.    Since 2008 I have been blogging about the virtues of the Jukujo, sake, and onsen.   I want to influence the perception of beauty through Japan's natural bounty.   Super thick women, is one example of how the human body evolves over time.     It's not as if I want to encourage Jukujo love, but more of a healthy appreciation for what is true beauty.   In other words, skinny does not define what beauty is because it is the deprivation of oneself - anti-life.   Thick legs and heavy breast are exquisitely beautiful on a woman.   It is the evolution of over 20,000 years.     A life giving woman.

The fundoshi is a blessing to behold across that backside of heavy assed Japanese Jukujo.    Traditional undergarments are so much better than the illusion of pink western style undergarments, which in a sense hides that natural form.    Some things should never change.     This is a great woman of Yamato.  

But here's the problem.   And as I have mentioned before, perceptions  have to be influenced.   I haven't influenced the right people.   Japanese men are slow to coming around to the beauty of big Japanese women.   Instead, they are focused purely on prepubescent women and it's gotten so bad over the years that the Law has had to step in and take action against porn retailers who sell used high school girl's panties.     

"Japan is the only country in the world where an ounce of used high school girl panties in some instances is worth more than an ounce of  crack cocaine!!   Street value.   A pair of authentic soiled panties weigh about 1oz.  and can fetch hundreds of dollars.  The most I've ever heard was about 500 bucks.     Cocaine for middle scale blow is about $400 an ounce."   

This phenomenon isn't new.  Burusera shops have been around since the 90s, and have been selling used undergarments and gym clothing to lonely sexually frustrated Japanese men for ages, but where's the influence?   How are Japanese mens' sexuality being influenced?  Why are they stuck on young underdeveloped girls?

The media has a lot to do with it, as well as how manga hyper sexualizes  women as being dumb and innocent.     Japan already has everything it needs right now, so I am not necessarily trying to reinvent something, unlike the westerners who are constantly reinventing Japanese things.    Japan has never had to incorporate foreign ideals of  beauty into its dynamic.    A Japanese tea house is a Japanese tea house.   A Japanese onsen is a Japanese onsen.   A Japanese temple is a Japanese temple.   A Japanese shrine is a Japanese shrine.  A Japanese Jukujo is a Japanese Jukujo.   Japanese sake is Japanese sake.    All of these are self contained within its own beauty.   However,  unnatural beauty like skyscrapers and towers have all incorporated  far too many non-Japanese elements that are unnecessary and ruin the cultural landscape of the nation.   

I want to influence the Japanese I come across in a way that makes them truly realize their own beauty and strength from internally and externally.    The world is a sick and unforgiving place because of Westerners, and there's nothing the Western world can teach Japan.    No false charities can fool the honest person.   But Japan can teach the world many things, this blog is one of them.   


  1. Hey may I ask the name of that beautiful woman?

  2. Great body on that Japanese lady good to see that their bodies had come s long way -


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