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A Rant: Asian Purity

You impregnated a Japanese girl?   Can't believe this is the same fuck head who planted a booger on the back of my jacket without me noticing it.   Man, you've got some real fucking issues going on up there in that head of yours.   I would kick your ass right here in this classroom, but knowing that if I did I could face expulsion.    You are a student from China so we all know how the California UC system favors them, and the other foreign  nationals who can barely speak English and can't write an essay or keep up in the debate classes.    You and I are not friends.     Can't believe you would whisper in my ear that you impregnated a Japanese girl  over the summer when you were visiting Japan, and then disappeared on her leaving her to look after your spawn.   I hope she aborted it, then we could both laugh through crooked teeth of that pure act.    I see now what's really going on.   Like that article in the junk press about Chinese guys outperforming Japanese boys in college romance.   Their real intentions are to steal Japanese women, impregnate them and then extort money out of them and their parents and ultimately get a green card.   Sort of similar to the hordes of Africans who do the same, along with the dregs from white America, especially the ones who use their students as a dating pool to pick and choose potential wives from, and have no shame in doing it, and then having the audacity to  carry on all  artsy like at fancy dinner and sake parties with their newly found anorexic student brides.    What the fuck is going on in Japan?   I am not your friend.    I know who you are!

I didn't think it was charming either when that ashy fingered Kenyan was parading around with his pride and joy  and showing off what they procreated at the Immigration Office.   I don't understand it.  I am not an integrationist at this point.    I do not want to see Japan become another cesspool of foreign indigents like the U.K. and Toronto who think they are actually helping the country through breeding it.   It's disgusting.    That's like that young Japanese boy I banned from my FB account over his stupidity.  I couldn't stand his laughter and his anorexia.    It's disgusting when 90% of the young Japanese men I come across on a daily basis are still single, and many more who are still virgins have the audacity to question my sex life -  I sleep with your mother and probably your sister, too!  That's just like my Jukujo mom's biological son, and my other Jukujo's boy; they were both virgins all the way through college.    In the prime of their lives they put a premium on diet and weight loss, in the end, nothing to show for it but a hard-on and some porn mags and a severe inferiority complex to foreign men.  

The one thing they harp on about is dieting, all of them.   Being fat is no good because Japanese girls are not going to like you.   Or it's not healthy.    But yet, you are a virgin you Japanese geek!  May I question why?   Everybody knows that Japan is one of the most sexually promiscuous  countries in the world.   And Just about every foreigner has their own sexual exploits to tell about how they got and had this Japanese girl and that Japanese girl.    And I can't believe how you can call me the enemy and them friends through your eyes all at the same time.  I am merely helping you realize your ignorance and total lack of responsibility for the mother land you hate to defend so much.   You moron.  

I was dating a Chinese girl in college for about six month.   I met her in my Japanese 101 class.   Thin, huge tits, no ass, fair looking.     She was a product of a school teacher and a land owner from Guangdong, high middle class, yet high browed.    If I had to take one lesson from her, then it was her way of looking at the superficiality of people.   I took her to visit a brother who was living in an expensive part of West Hollywood - Brentwood Colonial.    He had a nice set up with his Japanese wife, a third hand BMW, and a nice flat screen T.V.   After leaving she told me his place was small and dirty and that she was unimpressed.  She had a way of pissing on everything, like the time I was geeking out on sake with a few Japanese interns over in Torrance.    I resented her for her brute honesty, but everything she said was true, even years later about some of my other observations.     Sake is not the holy water of the beer & wine world and acting like it is makes you look and sound like you are full of shit.    Her father made her promise to never marry a black person.   She was supposed to marry white only - not even Chinese.   He had to have curly hair and green eyes...blah...blah...   Never understood how a father could encourage this sort of behavior, that's like a black father trying to encourage his only daughter to marry white in hopes that someday she'll inherit  property and a bunch of half babies who cannot speak their mother's language.

The line between highly skilled and highly paid foreigners and the Japanese is good.   It should remain  that way.  Japan should never become a melting pot.   The homogeneity here is fine tuned and works, believe it or not.   The only discrimination  I have ever experienced, though, in my life occurred from that of a half-breed.   He was a cross between a Mickey Rooney and a Yoko Ono, geek, jerk, and every other name in the book.   How can you discriminate against me in Japan, when you are the bi - product of two races yourself ?  Was your mother a whore student who  married   that nerd teacher white husband?     Was it Marlon Brando's famous 1957 Sayonara quote about marrying his Japanese bride and melding the proud white race with the inferior Japanese race that sold your mother?    Whatever it was, it's absurd.

The Chinese girl faded away after I had taken a Japanese girl I had met at Walmart in Cerritos.   She knew that learning Japanese was important but had to struggle with a lot of resentment about Japan's wartime past, stuff her father and mother shoved down her throat about how horrible the Japan war machine was.     Like she could relate?   It's not like anybody gave a fuck, anyway.    All of her previous boyfriends were stolen by Japanese girls, like I was.     I mean why put up with all the drama and nonsense that comes with being with you, like when I took you up to Irvine to have dinner at a friends house, and you acted a total ass when you tried to tell a Japanese man how best to prepare shabu-shabu,  in his own home!   What the fuck is wrong with you?    Can't you enjoy anything?   Do you ever stop judging other people against your own miserable little life?   What makes feel and act the way you do?  What gives you the moral right to spew your hatred of Japan over what happened 70 years ago, stuff most young Japanese care nothing about.    Are you without stain, are you pure?     Here's a fact of history for you,  Mao killed all of the best that China had to offer.    All of the best academics, engineers, scientist, were all exterminated during the great industrial revolution, some of the worst acts of brutality in human history.   The greatest famine in history, yet Mao is still worshipped today by millions of ignorant little people who look like you  and who have  nothing better to do than accuse Japan for its own part in history that every advanced industrialized nation took part in.       There were no great intellectual gains made in China after Mao, because he destroyed the best of minds.     Your sense of " I can do no wrong" is pure and utter bullshit.      Look in the mirror.

In closing:

Close that Chinese Embassy in Niigata, and send that Chinese Koshihikari rice back to Jilin, China and stop trying to condemn the Japanese, and most of all stop ruining the cultural and spiritual homogeneity here.   Japanese dudes need to fuck their women, and breed more and save  their race and stop harping on about weight gain and all the other unnecessary bullshit that means absolutely nothing in the real world.    Just because you come here doesn't mean you are entitled to anything, and all of this eclecticism is not what it's all cracked up to be.     Japan is already perfect.  


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