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Hot Shoots!

I have been invited to a few of these in my time here in Japan, the last one was yesterday.    A shoot typically starts at around 10 am and can last up until 9 pm depending on what the producers want.   And then you shoot stills and discuss wardrobes and scene settings.   Porn comes in  three to six hour blocks, nowadays, even in the states.

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You can see the different costumes and  arrangements  in the top photo and then the different floor layouts on the second photo.    Studios change frequently.

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My first foray into this kind of photography was met with a lot of uncertainty.   I got into it to improve my skills behind the camera and to have a chance to work with real AV models and amateurs, many of which are Jukujo.    It's definitely not about the money, you cannot make a living on just photography alone, you need to get into producing.    And for the record, I neither sell nor distribute obscene materials.

The adult entertainment industry accounts for roughly 1% of the GDP in Japan, so business is good.   There's no shortage of willing actors and actresses, either, and they are coming from a larger demographic than before, these days.    Japan is the true  pioneer of exotic porn, not the San Fernando Valley in California.   Much of the reality porn genre has taken notes from young Japanese producers in Tokyo.  And there are literally several dozens of different genres here, unlike the ubiquitous Playboy Empire in North America.   Japan has many great publications and films that are far more avant-garde than what's in the States.

As a personal preference I like to start with the models fingers and finger nails because this is what constantly comes into contact with the pussy.     If a women has clean and well manicured finger and toe nails, then her stuff is good down there.    She just had her nails done up recently and wanted to highlight them a bit.

Humor is a plus as it always helps the subject to  relax and be more natural.     Beauty is natural; being naked is natural; having fun is natural ; smiling is natural and being happy with what you are doing is totally natural.    The greatest piece written for this model is called: 松谷卓の「WORKS」のスオーガン.

She begins to open up and find her inner sexiness.   You have to encourage them and reaffirm their beauty  and that everything she is doing is good.    I took over 121 shots of this model, like so many other models.  

As you can see she is no longer shy anymore and then she eventually reveals everything to me.   The whole shoot went very well that morning and this is what you want in every model.  Less choreographed, more natural.   Another I look for is the clean look on the face, or natural clean beauty face with light make-up.  In Japanese it's called 清楚なきれい[seiso - kirei].  

You would be amazed at how beautiful the women are in this industry, and they come from a variety of different backgrounds and educational levels too.    Many of them come from healthy families, some even have their own families.    They are not tattooed up, or skank and tacky looking.   They don't come from broken homes either, at least most of them.   Many are highly educated and engaging.

I have tons of photos in my backup hard drive that I have never posted on any of my blogs and website.    The reason I posted this model is purely for the perspective of simple and beautiful.   An everyday  girl, next door neighbor type.    She's young, which isn't exactly my type, but, she possess a lot of the very natural qualities that make Japanese women beautiful.   Black hair, fair skin, tight body, cute smile.

I also shot all nudes, but you know you can't post  that stuff online anymore.   This post was intended to give you a little insight in what goes on, and the type of models I like shooting.

[ Do not repost these pictures as they are my own property and I have the copyrights to prove it.   I do not like watermarking photos for obvious reasons - they look tacky]


  1. Which city is this?

  2. I want to go adult places but I couldn't find at Tokyo maybe I don't know.


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