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The Obama Travesty

President Obama, who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, has had no relevance to the African American then and now.   Was this the best that could be done by the establishment to make up for the Black disenfranchised of North America?   I guess it was a beginning to the end of an era. 

Monument building in memory of former slain Civil Rights leaders like MLK, and the untimely death of Rosa Parks and Fred Shuttlesworth serves as a reminder of just how fast the TRUE leaders in the struggle have died.   One national holiday and a biracial president was all that was needed to make up for the worst atrocities ever committed on American soil, and against a defenseless people.   The "negro holocaust" is too politically correct of an expression in modern vernacular.   

Whites have moved on and so has the establishment.   They can neatly file the civil rights era away in some dusty attic and call it 'even-steven' for all the past ancestors of African Americans who suffered greatly under slavery.    It is over!   And you can bet that the majority of whites think it's over, too.   At least the Republicans freed the slaves and now most of them vote Dems.

("Blacks don't have a hope and a prayer after Obama.   They don't  even have it now under Obama.")   

No other Black in the diaspora is quite like the North American Black, though.  They are a peculiar people.  They are the most educated, and wealthy of all the Blacks in the diaspora; the most talented; yet are the most ignorant and self-hating bunch - talk about extremes.  The most ungrateful, the most self-absorbed, and the most vain.     They still seek validation and acceptance by the Anglo even now in the 21st century, the only Blacks who do that in the diaspora.

Why the Obama travesty?    The Obama factor has done more harm than good.   Largely because he has continued the same policies of  former administrations.   He extended an olive branch to the former president and forgave the Bush Administration for its conduct in Africa, where your grandmother lives.   You assisted NATO in the bombings of Libya and the assassination of its leader Gaddafi.   Obama, you have carried out the same gangland tactic of Reagan in Tripoli and Hilary in Banghazi - oops you were apart of that, too.   You took part in the murder and assassination of a great African man named Gaddafi.   Remember him?   He did more for his people than you did for the American people.  You shook his hand and stabbed him in the back.   How can  The president of the U.S.A., with so-called African ancestry carry out such an atrocity?   You too have born the scars of racism in your youth, and you have seen the suffering in Chicago against black youth.    

On U.S. foreign policy, when I look at Gaddafi juxtaposed with you, I see certain similarities.   You both came into power at a time when real leadership was greatly needed.   Gaddafi united the tribes of Libya, you united the Republicans and the Democrats, even going as far as to extend an olive branch to George W. Bush, thereby essentially pardoning him for conducting an illegal war in Iraq.  No WMD.  When you acted as an accomplice in the murder of Gaddafi, you tore down the wall that protected Europe from the influx of migrants and terrorist who are now flooding into Europe and the U.K.  You didn't have terrorism in Europe,  Africa and in the Middle East like you have it today when you had the likes of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein in power!   You assisted NATO in tearing down your own walls fool!

Very little of real significance was achieved in the last 8 years by Obama.  Blacks are still struggling with racism.   Mr. Obama was supposed to close Guantanamo, liberate and repatriate those prisoners either back to their respective countries or try them in a court of law properly.   The whole world lost respect for America's first Black president because of this failure of the most powerful black leader in the so-called  free world.   

Contrasting this with Gaddafi, an African on the continent of Africa, alongside an African president of the United States of America.  Under Gaddafi, his honorary citizens from 12 different tribes and dozens of languages enjoyed the benefits of free medical, free education, free rent and utilities paid for by the State.  If you wanted to get married the State paid you for it.  Have children, the State paid you for it.   If you wanted to buy a car, the State paid 50% of the cost.   All of this was paid for by oil revenues.  Couldn't America, in theory afford the same benefits for its citizens, especially with all wars and theft of oil wrought upon the world in the last century by the U.S. ?   

Minorities had jobs in Libya, whereas in America, the majority of the numbers of people who are/were most adversely affected by both unemployment and under-employment numbers, and low salaries  are Black Americans, the smallest minority class in America.   The continent of Africa is more diverse than North America.   Libya is more diverse than all of North America!  And the challenges faced on the continent are far greater and more complex than in North America.  Instead,  Obama uses his presidency to fight for "gay rights" while his people are, or the once who look like him, are starving on the streets of Chicago.   Child homelessness, among the highest in the world, and low funding for public schools are seen as charitable contributions, and not a State level problem.   What kind of fool president in black skin do we have in North America?   Why can't the State pump trillions of dollars into our public schools.  It's not like we cannot afford it.   Where is Democracy that only sees the need to finance dirty wars and secret prisons more important than investing in the children born in a so-called free society?

(" Just because you had a Black president doesn't mean you will have another Black president")

The pundits blame Obama's inabilities on the limits of his presidential power.   This is bollox!   Had he not been playing bipartisan "boot licking" politics with his enemies in the House during his first-term in office, and instead sticking to his guns he could've easily passed sweeping legislation to close Gitmo and all the other secret prisons, especially since there WAS a super-majority of Dems in the House during the time of his first term in office.   Instead, he wanted to best Hillary Care in exchange for his own medical agenda, which he knows nothing about.  He still cannot recite any of its tenants.  It seems that Obama is/was more concerned with his own legacy building than trying to actually right the wrongs of America's foreign  and domestic policies and the pressing need to reform America's political culture in the U.S.of A.    He is a fool!

Ghandi used to distance himself from Blacks because of this type of idiocy exhibited by other blacks in leadership positions like yourself,  during his time in South Africa.   How can Blacks be regarded as human beings if they are the greatest enemies of their own peoples, the greatest oppressors and the least effective at reforming the conditions of their own people in Africa and in the diaspora?    Slave trafficking, child soldiers, and so on are all over the news but very little has been done by so-called blacks in power.   

I'm not  necessarily trying to cast a damning light on my own people, but enough is enough.    Enough of the banjos; enough of the ass shaking; enough of the bling bling, enough of the bullshit.      I do not think Mr. Ghandi would've stood up to jointly receive a Noble Peace Prize along with any Anglo of the former British Empire, yet Mandela did, and why?  What is it with former and present black leaders then and now?   And then forgive DeKlerk for Apartheid, yet  Mandela to this day refuses to forgive his ex-wife of 20 years!   Where is the human dignity factor in it all?   Obama was at Mandela's funeral taking selfies with the former colonisers of African countries!   What kind of sick man is this?  Even his own wife was visibly disgusted. 

Instead, Mr. Obama, you endorsed gay marriage as an alternative to being a  presidential who had an obligation to right the wrongs of previous administrations, and for people who are suffering from pain and hunger, and wars and famine, that you have been instigating for 8 years.  You chose to use the 'Civil Rights' struggle to push for same-sex marriage over all other more pressing needs of the world even when it's in direct opposition to your OWN religious and moral convictions.   Gay marriage has very little relevance when people are dying from unimaginable hardships in America and abroad.    Again, you prioritize gay marriage as the most pressing need of the 21st century.   No other country in the world would ever prioritize in that order.    Simply because it's a non life threatening need that could have  waited.   You use your presidency for that ?  You pervert the highest office in the land with such an endorsement?  After all blacks have been through.    Have you lost your moral compass?  Have you lost touch with reality?   The Constitution of the United States still does not mention gay marriage in its clause.   What you should've done was pushed for a constitutional amendment in order to allow gay marriages, then made sweeping changes...  

The nation's attorney general, a black, has come under enormous fire in recent years for making incendiary comments about racism in America, plus he's under investigation for other things.  His power has been  neutralized by the courts of law and the Republican party,  especially after he was rebuked by Obama for making those incendiary comments.    You rebuke your own attorney general for standing up for something of great significance?  When Mr. Eric Holder said that America was a nation of cowards when it comes to issues of black history, he meant it.   That was the kind of topic that needed to be brought out into the open, but you rebuked him for it.    You should've said nothing.    Sort of reminds me of when CNN's Anchor Soledad Obrien  commented  about the White House being built by slaves  and was kindly dismissed by Gerber on national television.   Gerber, a prehistoric figure in a American politics, could be so dismissive of a fact of history.   

IF Republicans assumes control of the White House 2017 they will digg their heels in and create the greatest divide between rich and poor in the history of America, and blacks will categorically be at the bottom, once again.  There will never be a minority president ever again.   And Blacks will become irrelevant like they are today save a few booty shakers.   It's a sad day for blacks not only in America, but all over the world.   


The homeless population in Chicago hasn't changed either, and to think you have to face these people on your way down?   I would hate to be you.  Don't move back to Chicago.   Go back to Hawaii because you have failed the people who put you in office.   Where is Donald Trump!?

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